SCP-3663's containment zone. Entity not pictured.

项目编号: SCP-3663

Object Class项目等级: Euclid Keter

威胁级别: Orange

特殊收容措施:Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3663当前位于前Site-54维护隧道内。为避免其消失,人员不得进入该区域,必须尽力减少隧道的 is currently located in what were formerly the Site-54 maintenance tunnels. To prevent demanifestation, no personnel are to be given access to the area, and efforts are to be taken to reduce the tunnels' moisture levels.

Should SCP-3663消失,MTF Nu-4 ("Box Cutters")将出动,目标为a)寻找SCP-3663及are to be mobilised, with the goal of a) locating SCP-3663 and b)防止该实体造成损害。若可能,SCP-3663将被装上GPS定位设备以支持重收容。一旦将其找到,SCP-3663将被转移到移动管道网络中,然后 preventing any damage occurring to the entity. If possible, SCP-3663 is to be fitted with GPS tracking devices to aid re-containment. Once located, SCP-3663 is to be transferred to a mobile pipe network, and remanded to Site-54.

应尽力阻拦SCP-3663转移到Efforts are to be undertaken to discourage SCP-3663 from transporting itself to a location within two kilometers of SCP-015周围两公里的范围内。

描述: SCP-3663是一人形实体,主要由纸板()、 is a humanoid entity constructed primarily from cardboard (in the form of boxes and tubes), adhesive tape, and twine. SCP-3663具有机制不明的移动能力、发声能力,证实其具有准智能,会对问题做出回应,也会对周边环境做出反应。 is fully capable of movement and vocalisation via an unknown mechanism, and has proven to be semi-sapient, responding to questions and reacting to its immediate environment. The interior of SCP-3663的内部是由纸板和纸张做成的人体主要器官粗糙模型, contains crude cardboard and paper models of all major human organs, with coloured wool representing blood vessels and the nervous system. SCP-3663并不需要这些部件的功能,其在实体体内的用途不明。 does not require these components to function, and their purpose within the entity is unknown.

SCP-3663能够将自己和其他物品瞬间转移到极长的距离外,且不限于该实体能观察到的范围。 is capable of instantaneously transporting both itself and other objects over long distances, with no upper limit to the entity's range observed. The method by whi其实现方法尚不明确,但已知这需要与实体进行物理接触。ch this is achieved is currently unknown, though it is known that physical contact with the entity is required. Despite being able to utilise its abilities regardless of physical location, SCP-3663无论身处何种物理地点均可使用能力,但其对3663-适宜地带(定义为封闭、类似隧道的空间,或者空间网络, 直径至少要40厘米)表现出强烈偏好,也总是会选择转移到此类区域中。 has shown extreme preference for 3663-Applicable regions (defined as an enclosed, tunnel-like space, or network of spaces,), and will invariably choose to manifest within such areas.

SCP-3663的行为在没有外部力量干预的情况下很容易预测。该实体会展开简单的循环模式行动,记录如下: behaviour is easily predictable when not influenced by outside forces. The entity will engage in a simple cyclic pattern of actions, which have been recorded as follows:

  1. SCP-3663显现在一处3663-适应区域,发出低微声音并挥动手臂,做出试图恐吓或惊吓的动作。实体会在区域内咆哮,还会周期性地发出更响、更尖厉的噪音。 manifests in a 3663-Applicable area, emitting low vocalisations and waving its arms in a manner suggesting attempted intimidation or fright. The entity will begin roaming the area, pausing periodically to emit louder, higher pitched noises.
  2. SCP-3663会试图向该区域内的任何人类靠近。注意如果附近没有对象,此行为不会被实施,SCP-3663只会无限期地停留在该区域。少数时候, will attempt to make its way towards any human subject in the area. Note that if no subject is nearby, this action will not commence, and SCP-3663 will simply remain in the area indefinitely. Rarely, SCP-3663会追逐目标到3663-适宜区外,距离(最多)50米。 has been observed pursuing subjects outside of 3663-Applicable areas, to a distance of (at most) 50 metres.
  3. 对象被实体抓住,会经历到强烈的忧虑和/或偏执。SCP-3663消失。The subject is gripped by the entity, and experiences heightened apprehension and/or paranoia. SCP-3663 demanifests.
  4. SCP-3663显现在下一个3663-适宜地点,带着对象一起,后者总是会失去意识但此外不会受伤。在将对象释放后并移动一小段距离后, manifests in a second 3663-Applicable location, along with the subject, who is invariably unconscious but otherwise unharmed. After releasing the subject and moving a short distance, SCP-3663会第二次消失,然后出现在第三个地点,重新开始新的循环。 demanifests a second time, reappearing in a third location and triggering the beginning of a new cycle.

If at any point during this cycle SCP-3663 is damaged in such a way as to inhibit movement, or is moved more than 50 metres away from a 3663-Applicable area, it will它将立即消失, instantaneously demanifest, returning to the beginning of a new cycle in a repaired state. Small damages, such 细小破坏,诸如轻微切割、撕裂等,不会触发此效应。as minor cuts or tears, will not trigger this effect.

Addendum.1: Interview log 3663-1:

Addendum.2: 事件3663-Delta:

On ██/██/20██, SCP-3663的行为短暂偏离既定模式。's behaviour diverged briefly from established patterns. At 14:20,实体, the entity emerged from the Site-54维护隧道,开始发出超出80分贝的声音。 maintenance tunnels and began to emit vocalisations in excess of 80 dB. Th这些声音被站点人员描述为“痛苦”,具有显著的心理影响,使许多人员进入休克状态ese vocalisations, described as 'pained' by on-site staff, had a profound psychological effect, placing many personnel into a state of shock1. For ~4 hours, 在4小时中,SCP-3663游荡于设施内,攻击人员并对设施进行了小规模破坏。需注意 wandered the facility, attacking staff and engaging in small-scale vandalism of facilities. Of note is the fact that SCP-3663反复尝试自残,使用了刀、管、水龙头、还有枪械。 repeatedly attempted self-harm, by means of knives, pipes, water taps, and firearms. While SCP-3663在此过程中反复被毁,之后它又会显现在最近的 was repeatedly destroyed in this process, it subsequently re-manifested in the nearest air duct or 或维护区中。maintenance area.

Following the event, two bodie此事件后,在Site-54内找到两名前人员的尸体。尸检显示器适应是s of former personnel were recovered from within Site-54. Autopsies showed the cause of death was a buildup of paper residue/wood pulp in all major blood vessels, as well as sinuses, ear tubes, and the majority of the digestive and respiratory systems. 多名其他人员被发现受到较低程度影响,但预计可以完全康复。尸体的项目等级、以及对SCP-3663-适宜区域的定义已相应更新。A number of other staff members were found to have been affected to a lesser degree, but are expected to make full recoveries. The entity's object class and definition of an SCP-3663-Applicable area have been updated accordingly.

Subse后续quent information gathering revealed that this event coincided almost exactly with the death of POI-3663-12, who died of natural causes at the age of 79. Prior to在其死亡前,该人 their death, the individual in question had led an entirely unremarkable life, with no connection to any other anomalous groups, individuals, or objects. Attempts to establish a connection with the creation or origin of SCP-3663 are currently ongoing.

Addendum.3: Discovery Log:

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SCP-4608 "Appleseed" by: DrAkimotoDrAkimoto

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2/4608 LEVEL 2/4608
Item #: SCP-4608

SCP-4608 prior to final containment protocols.

Archived Preliminary Containment Procedures: SCP-4608周边区域将以毒性化学泄露为掩盖故事隔离。在其无效化后, the plot of land should be rendered incapable of supporting flora via the application of specialized herbicide PQ4608.



Artistic depiction of John Chapman, created in 1860.

Description: SCP-4608是一60英亩的苹果园,内有超过22000株果树,位于印第安纳州- Milan郊外。SCP-4608内有约75%的果树上刻有奇术印记和符号,与北欧宗教有关。



Photograph of a SCP-4608-1 instance, circa 1947




Discovery: 一家当地伐木公司已将SCP-4608所处的土地买下。在对SCP-4608进行第一次采伐勘探时,团队中有一人死于安全装置故障。之后不久,所有剩余员工被宣布为失踪或死亡;搜查队也被推定失踪。1947年10月14日,基金会受到警方报告警报称SCP-4608周边异样,附有SCP-4608-1个体的照片。一周后,Site-81派出三人调查组。在失联四天后三名特工被推定死亡。

在与调查队失联后,Site-81派出高危险响应小组,机动特遣队Bravo-7 ("Hometown Heroes")处理情况。

Response Log Transcripts

Date: 10/15/1947

Response Team: MSF Bravo-7

Subject: 3 Squads of MSF Bravo-7 responding to SCP-4608 - Milan, Indiana.

ALPHA Squad:

Squad Lead: ALPHA-1 "Cap"
Squad Members: ALPHA-4 "Square", ALPHA-5 "Fives", ALPHA-7 "Sev"


[Camera pans to a small clearing of recently cut trees.]

ALPHA-1: 好了。BETA中队,你们往东。GAMMA中队,你们向西。如果没发现30分钟给我通报联络。

BETA-1: 明白,队长。调整频道。

GAMMA-1: 收到。出发各位,你们听到了。调整中。

ALPHA-1: ALPHA队由我带。我们在搜索事发现场—然后我们向南走。

ALPHA-4: 设备就安置在那边。大概是个好的起始点,队长。

ALPHA-1: 好,别浪费时间。我们赶快搞定。

ALPHA-7: 来吧。这地方让我毛骨悚然。


ALPHA-5: 天,他们连这些都没清理。

ALPHA-4: 队长,来看看。

[ALPHA-1走近ALPHA-4,他正面对着, who is crouched in front of mutilated human remains. The chest cavity ha胸腔被撕开,填满了苹果。s been ripped open and filled with apples.]

ALPHA-4: 这他妈什么东西会—


ALPHA-1: Roll call, squad leads.

BETA-1: 没在我们附近,队长。但我们也听到了。

GAMMA-1: 从西南方向来。正在沿路。我们肯定有伴。

BETA-1: 同意。它很害羞,不管是啥。但还是看到了一眼;非常…快。

ALPHA-1: Check back in 15.

[ALPHA-1开始从伐木设备间走开,向 begins walking away from the logging equipment towards the tree line.]

ALPHA-1: 我们不能站在这什么都不干。快走。

ALPHA-7: 我不知道各位。我对这里有种不好的预感。

ALPHA-4: 你在Ontario也是这么说的,Sev。


ALPHA-5: Cut him some slack— that was a big fuckin' turtle.

ALPHA-7: 听,这是-

ALPHA-1: Cut the chatter.


ALPHA-5: 看看这树。


ALPHA-1: 操我不懂这是什么。

ALPHA-7: 这边也看到了,队长。

ALPHA-4: 看起来这里到处都是。


BETA-1: 队长,第二次是从这个方向来的。

ALPHA-1: Regis,准备以防万一。我们发现的尸体… 就说你不想站错方位吧。

BETA-1: 明白,队长。我们发现了些小路,在沿着走。小心。

ALPHA-1: Heads on swivel, boys.


ALPHA-4: 有动静,2点钟—3—5点。操。好快。

[Camera pans to ALPHA-4. A blur of motion can be seen behind him.]

ALPHA-1: 结队!

[无线电中传出几声枪响;巨大叫声传来,然后从所有方向传来低沉叫声。 ]

BETA-1: 我们有人倒了,队长。这些死鬼 don't die right.

ALPHA-1: 确认击杀?

BETA-1:没有。子弹屁用没有。小心[枪声传来] 盯好[枪声]他妈的树。他们看起来就他妈是植物。

ALPHA-7: 操。五号哪呢?

ALPHA-1: 五!五!Square, 你看到五号了吗?天—

ALPHA-7: 操。队长!我这边找到五号了。

ALPHA-1: 五号,这他妈怎么会—

[Camera faces ALPHA-7. Behind him, ALPHA-5 is seen bisected and hanging by his intestines from the trees.]

ALPHA-1: We need to move now.我们得走了。

[ALPHA中队开始向西快速前进。A loud shriek is heard followed by another shriek directly behind ALPHA Squad.]

ALPHA-7: 队长,小心!

[Camera blurs before settling on an SCP-4608-1 instance a meter from ALPHA-1.]


BETA Squad:

Squad Lead: BETA-1 "Regis"
Squad Members: BETA-6 "Sixes", BETA-8 "Eight", BETA-9 "Nino"


[BETA Squad is moving quickly down a dirt path.]

BETA-1: 六号,注意按住伤口。

BETA-9: 什么鬼玩意!这些鬼莫名其妙钻出来。有什么计划吗,Regis?

BETA-1: 我不知道,Nino。尽量他妈的远离苹果。

BETA-6: [紧张的笑] 说得好,Reg,但我需要—


BETA-1: Nino,把他扶起来,快。我掩护。

BETA-1: 队长,我们这边不太妙。一人KIA,一人受伤。需要一点帮助。队长?队长?

GAMMA-1: [枪声] 我觉得我们要靠自己了,Regis。切换到高冲击[Gunshots] 或者爆炸弹。这些鬼东西还没那么硬。

BETA-1: 你们在哪里?我们需要协助。


GAMMA-1: [Gunshots] We aren't exactly having a picnic here. [Gunshots]肯定在第一声叫喊后要注意。那像是某种呼叫响应之类的东西[Gunshots]

BETA-9: Regis! 这边,看!

[Camera pans to show a small brick chapel. 巨大叫声传来。回应叫声从四面八方响起。]

BETA-1: 带他到这里来!快快快!

[The camera view swings behind BETA Squad, showing 3 SCP-4608-1 in close pursuit. BETA Squad enters the chapel and slams the door.]

BETA-1: 把他放下,把Put him down and give me a hand with this pew.

[BETA-9 slouches BETA-6 against the wall before helping BETA-1 barricade the door. SCP-4608-1 正在捶门。an be heard slamming on the door.]

BETA-1: 这应该能给我们争—

BETA-9: 噢靠。


BETA-1: 嘿!! Snap out of it. We don't have time for slack jawin'. Wake Sixes 把六号叫起来,有必要的话用手指捅进他伤口里。

BETA-9: 抱歉;明白了。

[BETA-1开始 begins rummaging through various scrolls and books on the shelves before pushing all of them to the floor.]

BETA-1: 天杀的,除了一堆乱爪印什么都没有。我完全看不懂。


BETA-6: 到底怎么-

BETA-9: 他醒了Regis。但你最好看一眼伤口。

[BETA-1走过来把光线对准BETA-6的腿伤。 伤口周边区域出现高度坏死。有若干苹果籽嵌入到伤口内部和周围。]

BETA-6: 你什么意思—上帝!

BETA-1: [给BETA-9一 a small medical kit] Dig 把这些鬼东西挖出来清理干净。我们得移动起来。

BETA-9: 明白。六号,要痛一下了。


BETA-1: [小声对无线电说] Jones,收到了吗?我他妈被困住了。我不知道怎么做。


[Static can be heard over ALPHA-1's radio channel.]

BETA-1: 队长!感谢上帝,这他妈—

ALPHA-7: 有-有人能听到我吗?拜托,有人听到了吗?

BETA-1: Sev, 是你吗?出他妈什么事了?队长人呢?

ALPHA-7: 死了。他-他们都死了。我觉得我是在向西。我这里分不清,我—我觉得我近了。

BETA-1: 靠近什么- [BETA-1被BETA-9的大喊声打断]

[Camera swings around to show BETA-9 flailing on the ground. Twenty-five SCP-4608-1 instances are seen ripping off chunks of his flesh. 更多个体开始从BETA-6的口中、眼中和腿伤处涌现。]

BETA-1: 操!操!操!


ALPHA-7: Regis? Regis? …有人吗?


GAMMA Squad:

Squad Lead: GAMMA-1 "Jones"
Squad Members: GAMMA-10 "Tener", GAMMA-11 "Elve", GAMMA-12 "Doz"



GAMMA-1:我得把你放下了,Tener。I think we got bogies ahead.

[GAMMA-1 slouches as he drops GAMMA-10 off his back.]

GAMMA-1: Tener? 操。

[Camera swings around to show GAMMA-10 disemboweled on the ground. GAMMA-1 searches GAMMA-10口袋,拿出一个手雷。's pockets before pulling out a grenade.]

GAMMA-1: 该死John,你太 you were too good for this shit. [Inaudible whispering]

ALPHA-7: —觉得这就是频道。GAMMA中队,你们收到了吗?GAMMA中队,你—think this is the channel. GAMMA Squad, do you copy? GAMMA Squad, do-

GAMMA-1: [小声说] Sev, 操,到底怎—

ALPHA-7: 所有人都死了。我觉得BETA队也一样。你们都没事吗?


GAMMA-1: 只有我了。


ALPHA-7: 上帝啊——看这些树。


GAMMA-1: 草他妈的。




ALPHA-7: 等下Jones,我差不多-

GAMMA-1: 快他妈离开这里,出去找支援,呼叫—[grunting]

[Camera snaps down to see a large root constricting around GAMMA-1. 骨骼碎裂的声音传来。]

GAMMA-1: 别担-担心了,我哪-哪都不去了。[GAMMA-1抽噎着发出笑声,把手雷丢向SCP-4608-2。]

[A loud snap is heard before GAMMA-1 goes limp. SCP-4608-2被火焰笼罩,开始倒下。GAMMA-1的尸体和摄像机掉落在地;镜头显示周边的树木也开始尖叫—其树枝开始自发爆燃。若干SCP-4608-1个体在树林间扭动,也着起了火。]

ALPHA-7 上帝啊,Jones,Jones我—我对不起我不能—我必须[Coughing.] 走了。


Closing Statement:1947年10月16日,ALPHA-7被亚伦县火警部找到,其已失去意识,过度疲劳且吸入烟雾。Site-81封锁队接管,以毒性化学危害为掩盖隔离该区域。
在报告和心理评估后,ALPHA-7被施以记忆删除,调任到低风险回收职位。MSF Bravo-7成员被追授基金会之星,嘉奖其无效化SCP-4608的举动。

[[div class="scp-image-caption" style="width:300px;"]]
Agents of the WEBCUTTER joint task force excavate a dump site in Vermont related to SCP-3256, 2011.

Item #: SCP-3256

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Information relating murders that follow the modus operandi of the SCP-3256-A released to the public are to exclude all information related to the states of the bodies. Individuals responsible for cataloging evidence related to the crimes of SCP-3256-A (police officers, members of the medical examiner's office) are to be administered amnestics as appropriate, and information regarding the bodies is to be modified to a degree that it is rendered non-anomalous.

Individuals who are part of Task Force WEBCUTTER are to be given monthly physical and psychological exams. In the event that any agent shows signs of being affected by SCP-3256, they are to be immediately contained and sent to Site-92 for treatment. New personnel joining WEBCUTTER are to be given a standard Euler-Melbourne Memetic Hazard Resistance Test (Or simply Euler-Melbourne Test); individuals who score lower than a threshold of 74 are to be reassigned.

Description: SCP-3256是一种模因异常,显现为与连环杀手“布罗克顿湾捆人魔”(1993-2000年间活动于美国新英格兰地区,暂且编为SCP-3256-A)犯罪手法相符的谋杀案信息。具体而言,SCP-3256有能力显现在任何书面描述、艺术或摄像描绘、小说或戏剧描写,以及口头讲演中,只要其描绘或描述到某具尸体遭到与SCP-3256-A犯罪手法相同的方式毁伤。


最终,SCP-3256-B对象会产生冲动,实施至少一次符合SCP-3256-A犯罪手法的谋杀。SCP-3256-B对象实施的谋杀总数未知,但确信是在150到200起之间。 SCP-3256-B所实施谋杀的相关信息会成为该模因的新传染源。


  • 100% of SCP-3256-S人员在生理和身份认知上均为男性。
  • 100% of SCP-3256-S人员曾在美国新英格兰地区居住过多于五年。
  • 100% of SCP-3256-S人员为白人。
  • 92% of SCP-3256-S人员有深褐色毛发。
  • 90% of SCP-3256-S人员年龄在15到32岁之间。
  • 89% of SCP-3256-S人员在人生中的某一时段内与一名同性建立过亲密关系。
  • 54% of SCP-3256-S人员在其人生中的共同同意性交次数不多于三次。

附录:布罗克顿湾捆人魔的简要记录: “布罗克顿湾捆人魔”这一名号是由布罗克顿湾编年史在1993年三月到九月间发现头五名受害者后创造。装订工的最后一位受害者死于2000年7月,受害者间关联甚少。实施罪行者从未尝试过联系执法机关或媒体。





发现: SCP-3256的首次已知显现是在2008年,当时有一系列看似模仿犯的凶案发生于马里兰州█████,1990年代曾参与过布罗克顿湾捆人魔案件的FBI侧写师Harold Kingsmith居住于此。Kingsmith在第一具尸体,也即其妻Dana Quill-Kingsmith被发现的24小时前失踪。而后又发现两具尸体,直至Kingsmith在试图对第四名受害者抛尸时被捕。

Kingsmith之后接受了特异事故调查处特工William Boston采访。

Boston: Mr. Kingsmith,我是特工Boston,特异事故的。


Boston: 你在局里的生涯很优秀。你是约翰·道格拉斯的徒弟之一,9 帮助过UNABOM10。装订工是你最后一批案件。


Boston: (叹气) 好。我这里有一些句子要读一下。我上头的人说应该…好吧,这可能会让你有点反应,考虑到发生的情况。

Boston:俄亥俄的吉尔伽美什正在下雨。 (停顿;Kingsmith无反应。) 好吧。Are We Cool Yet? (Kingsmith无反应。) 哈。你们得把这段编辑掉,会花好一段时间。


Boston: 巴比伦酒店已经关门。鹡鸰已经归来。雅典娜的织机被粉碎了。潘多拉之盒呕吐-


Boston: 好吧,有反应了。我看看,“雅典娜的织机”对应的是—我操。

Kingsmith: 我们从来没抓住他。

Boston: 什么?

Kingsmith: 我们从来没抓到捆人魔。(Kingsmith开始猛烈地抠鼻,抓出了血) 但我抓到他了。就像你接上了拍。我。我必须去。他们求着要的。 For me to [REDACTED] their insides, 但那不是我,那从来都不是我。

Kingsmith: 我很抱歉一直取笑你们部门。你们能处置得了。我不能。


特遣队"断网者"的组建: 起初,“发现”事故被归于超常事件。然而,在缅因州又发生两起事故(the perpetrators of which remain unaccounted for)后,基金会-特异事故处联合特遣队被组建,代号“断网者”。断网者的目标是收容所有SCP-3256-B个体、开发对SCP-3256的模因疫苗,并阻断对SCP-3256活动的报道以免异常进一步传播。此外,它还将和FBI的其他单位(特别是行为分析单位和证据响应团队)合作调查最初装订工活动的相关调查报告。



  • Lt. Dr. Kyle Jobar — SCP-3256收容专家
  • Dr. Urmd Abdul— 法医人类学家
  • Dr. Wendell Adler— 法医生物学家与解剖技术员
  • Dr. Helena Bloom— 模因学家
  • Dr. Sophia Fitzgerald— 模因学家
  • Hobert Brennan— 调查特工


  • Cpl. Alexander Mooney — 特遣队队长
  • Dr. Edgar Park— 特别特工,心理学博士
  • Dr. Meghan Scott— 法医分析学家与解剖技术员
  • Stella Abbey— 特别特工,美国异常社群(LACUS)联络员
  • Leslie Jefferson— 特别特工与媒体联络员


Collected Findings and Recordings of WEBCUTTER:


死者: Jane Doe DOB: Unknown DOD: 5/9/2009
Address: Unknown State: MA Zip: [REDACTED] Age: Late 20s Sex: F
种族: 西班牙裔
身高Height: 137cm Weight: 54kg Hair Color发色: Black 瞳色Eye Color: Brown Build体型: 纤弱
伤痕和截肢Scars and Amputations: [REDACTED]在死后被切除。 removed post-mortem.
Descriptio死者衣物描述:n of Decedent's Clothing: 赤裸;手臂与足部捆有[已编辑],面部腔洞(除鼻孔)以同种方式被覆盖。Naked; arms and feet bound in [REDACTED], facial openings (except for nostrils) covered in same manner.
Manner类型: 他杀
Cause死因: 窦腔和气管被[已编辑]堵塞造成的窒息。Suffocation by introduction of [REDACTED] to sinus cavity and trachea.

Dr. Adler: 这里是Dr. Wendell Adler。现在是2009年5月. It is the twelfth of May, 2009. I am condu我正在对捆人者杀人案的一具无名女尸进行尸检。cting an autopsy on a Jane Doe related to the Binder killings. 还有我的特异事故处同行,With me is my equivalent from the Unusual Incidents Unit, Dr. Morgan Scott—
Dr. Scott: Meghan。不是Morgan。
Dr. Adler: 抱歉。主要毒理学检查已发现在体内有蛛毒素痕量,浓度比此前记录的受害者高。尸体上没有毒蛛中毒相关症状,对象可能是在症状显现前死亡。
Dr. Scott: 无名女士状况不良; something got at her good. 我们无法确认[已编辑]是被人类牙齿还是动物挖去的。考虑到我们已知对象的手法,我会从鼻腔开始检查。内镜在哪?
Dr. Adler: Hold on, it's up here. Let me set it up to record.等下。在上面。
Dr. Scott: 我以前处理过一次,感谢你。好了,我要从对象的鼻腔进入到器官内…
Dr. Adler: 等等,这是什么?
Dr. Scott: 哈?噢。我了个天。这些是[已编辑]?
Dr. Adler: 对它们这年成不对。太早了。
Dr. Scott: 可能是另一种生长。我要近距离看下。
(此时,Dr. Scott的内镜碰触到了对象鼻窦内的[已编辑]。's endoscope makes contact with the [REDACTED] in the subject's sinus. Startled, Scott removes the endoscope abruptly, tearing open the sinus cavity and exposing the [REDACTED]. Dr. Adler抓起乙炔喷灯,试图焚化从尸体内出现的 grabs an acetylene torch and attempts to incinerate the [REDACTED] emerging from the cadaver. The cadaver's face is 尸体面容被破坏到完全不可能修复重构。destroyed beyond any possibility of reconstruction. Dr. Adler因毁坏证据受到处分。 was reprimanded for destroying evidence.)
(更多对SCP-3256相关尸体的内镜检查必须经过Further endoscopic inspection of cadavers linked to SCP-3256 are to be carried out only with joint approval from Lt. Jobar与Agent Mooney共同批准。)

Excerpt from Audio Diary of Edgar Park音频日志摘录:

Park: 现在是2009年5月21日周三。这是我第四条日志记录。天知道我在为谁记录;我们的人或者基金会的人会把它整个编辑掉。
我在Quantico的时候,我们弄明白了一件事:FBI, 不只是Unusual Incidents就一帮混账。, is a bunch of fuckups. Mulder and Scully的荒唐之处不在于热衷搜猎大脚怪、外星人;他们 aren't absurd because they hunt bigfoot and aliens; they're absurd because they get shit done. 80%的文书,可能还要更多;我的第一批培训工作之一,就是写一篇档案申请让我访问什么狗屁画廊, paperwork, maybe more; one of my first assignments in training was to write an archival request so I could access a gallery of shit that's been sent to Manson over the years. I… failed that.我…没做到。
到了连环杀手这,我们搞砸的次数比搞定的次数多。we've dropped the ball more times than we've got it. BTK11在纵情结束后整整逃脱了二十年, got away for over a decade after his spree ended, and he was the one that provided the shit that put him away.12我们对十二宫也是一样没头绪,还有一大堆操蛋的混账事发生在克利夫兰而我们根本都不知道。
(Indistinct speech is heard)
Get me a quarter-pounder and a chocolate shake.
我说到哪了?对。FBI碰上连环杀手就会变成一帮混账;我们之前只遇到过一个带异常的要对付,感谢基督。as I? Right. The FBI are fuckups when it comes to serial killers; we've only had to deal with one anomalous one in the past, thank Christ. MI-Triple-613 had to deal with a pair of them in Liverpool back in oh-two, so I'm 所以我在尝试搞清楚他们是怎么处理的。trying to figure out how they handled them.

SCP-3256 Outbreak in the Greater Boston Area, October 2009:

此次爆发与美国犯罪连续剧《犯罪心理》的在播剧集刚好一致,这一集中出现了使用动物毒素行凶的连环杀手。节目中的一名角色在剧集第一幕把反派“Unsub”与捆人魔进行了比较,形成了一个SCP-3256触媒。The outbreak coincided with the airing episode of the American crime procedural Criminal Minds, featuring a serial murderer killing using animal venom. A character in the program draws comparisons between the "Unsub" antagonist and the Binder in the first act of the episode, which acted as a vector for SCP-3256. This episod这标题为“蜘蛛如是说”的一集被立即从流通中撤下。e, titled "Said the Spider", was immediately removed from circulation.

第一起杀人案被报告于The first killing was reported in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood. A twenty-one year-old female wa一名二十一岁的女性被在家中被发现遇害,所有s discovered in their home, found with all [已编辑REDACTED]被截除,与SCP-3256-1手法一致。 removed, consistent with the M.O. of SCP-3256-1.

对受害者住家的搜查,发现同居人、以及本次SCP-3256显现的关注人士为Linus Planter,他以98.99%确定性契合于SCP-3256-S对象侧写。对家庭成员采访后,基金会相信 Planter在杀害其恋人前患有呼吸道感染。

第二具尸体已无法辨认,被发现时已成碎块,悬挂在Walden Pond State Reservation周围的若干树木上;这与SCP-3256-B人员的手法大不相同,此前都会[已编辑]。然而,发现尸体缺失全部[已编辑],假说认为Planter安放尸块是为在之后吃掉剩下的[已编辑]组织。

Edgar Park音频日志摘录:

Park: 现在是2009年11月2日,这是我的第二十二篇日志条目。Planter被捕,而他只是…木头着。很像是Kingsmith那亚子—样子。样子。 嘴巴还是感觉很怪,被那个…东西堵住之后。

Autopsy Report of Linus Planter:

Deceased: Linus Planter DOB: 3/12/1987 DOD: 11/9/2009
Address: [REDACTED] State: MA Zip: [REDACTED] Age: 22 Sex: M
Race: Caucasian
Height: 180cm Weight: 63kg Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Build: Medium
Scars and Amputations: Scar on left pal左手掌有伤疤,在儿时留下。m, acquired in childhood.
Description of Decedent's Clothing: 标准式基金会连体衣
Manner: Unknown, speculated suicide未知,疑似自杀
Cause: Suffocation by introduction of [REDACTED] to sinus cavity and trachea.

Dr. Scott: Dr. Adler在开会,我将独自进行尸检。对,尸体时一具男性,窒息,原因是—对,触媒,不能说出来是什么。


我已经打开了胸腔。没有看到异样,但…上帝啊。骨头这是…elastic. 他们在我触碰的时候etching as I touch them, li像是橡胶,或者布料。不稳固。

[A loud crack is heard on the recording]

操!我刚刚弄断了左边的 broke one of the floating ribs on the left— and it's sticking to my hand. What the fuck?这怎么搞的?


Dr. Scott: 好了。就这样。[Dr. Scott叹气] Dr. Adler提出可能异常出在窦腔。我想这是唯一能查明的办法。我只在医学院的时候对培训尸体这么做过。需要把皮肤切开…然后打破骨头。我讨厌这股声音,因为总让我联想起犯下恐怖而不可挽回的错误。
[大喊,之后是记录话筒掉落在地的声音。Dr. Scott拉响生物危害警报。]
Afterword: 对象的窦腔在被打开后钻出了大群[已编辑],随后覆盖了地板。Dr. Scott从房间内被救出,因被[已编辑]切中受有轻微擦伤,此外没有受伤。

Edgar Park音频日志摘录:

Park: It is January 1st, 2010. Happy New Year.
我在回望过去一年里的案件。我们 case over the past year. We've managed to catch one perp, and we're in the off season. 如果这是一支普通的FBI特遣队,我们就If this were a normal FBI task force, we'd be disbanded, hailed as heroes. But that's not gonna 但这不会来的那么快。
微笑客的纵情只持续了六年,但在那段时间,他杀了十九人,留下七人严重脑损伤。我们还是不太确定他如何做到的,和脑肿瘤及气流有关系。特工Clyde Zhang — 以前是在辛辛那提部门 — 最后在芝加哥中部射杀了他,在他让全城都开始发笑之后。我们不知道他怎么变得如此强大,但Zhang把一整块夹板按进了胸口…他只能退到文书工作去了。救了几百万人,他得到的感谢就这样。

关注人士:Melissa Portman:

Foreword前言: Melissa Portman (b. 1979)是捆人魔最后的一批受害者之一,也是唯一幸存的受害者。was one of the Binder's last victims, and the sole surviving victim. 1999年6月初,Portman在马萨诸塞州萨勒姆附近的家中被拐走,被注入了剂量未知的泮库溴铵 was abducted from her home near Salem, Massachusetts in early June of 1999, and injected with an unknown amount of pancuronium bromide14,令其保有意识但无法行动。然而,, the intent of which was to render her conscious but unable to move. However, Portman近期曾被注射过硫酸阿托品治疗募蘑菇中毒,这部分解除了泮库溴铵的毒性;Portman描述说药剂在“他们停下来的几秒前”就已完全失效。had recently been injected with atropine sulfate to treat mushroom poisoning, which acted as a partial antidote to the pancuronium; Portman describes the drug as having fully worn off "seconds before they stopped".
在被放进After being placed in the trunk of a red sedan of unknown make, Portman was transpor被带到了附近的新罕布什尔边境。在对方把Portman搬下车厢、开始对她的手实施捆绑时,她用头撞向了袭击者。ted to near the New Hampshire border. As the individual removed Portman from the trunk of their car and began applying bindings to her hands, she headbutted her attacker. 接着Portman向南狂奔0.8公里穿过不平坦的地域,而后她遭遇一名马萨诸州警,并得到了警方护送至安全处。 then sprinted southwards for .8 km, through uneven terrain, and came upon a member of the Massachusetts State Police, who escorted her to safety.
Upon arrival at a nearby hospi在抵达附近医院后,Portman被发现身体良好,只是有几处蜘蛛咬伤,还有一只死掉的tal, Portman was found to be physically well, but had several spider bites upon her person, as well as a dead spider of the Latrodectus属蜘蛛在其头发中, genus in their hair, which they could not account for.
In May 2010年5月,在SCP-3256, following the commencement of the SCP-3256 killing season, Special Agent Stella Abbey特工与已搬迁到明尼苏达州的Portaman进行了接触。 made contact with Portman, who had since moved to Minnesota.

Agent Abbey: Oka好的,开始记录。现在是5月18日y, beginning recording. It is 4:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday,周二。我在明尼苏达一个鸟不拉屎的破地方,最近的机场在加拿大边境那边。Portman真是不想被人找到。
她要从家里出来了。 (Sounds of rustling and rummaging, and the car door opening and shutting) Exc打扰下,use me, Miss Portman? 特别探员Stella Abbey, FBI。我—
Portman: Have you caught him?你们抓到他了吗?
Abbey: Pardon?什么?
Portman: Did you cat你们抓到那个在车背后打我的混账了吗?那个要[已编辑]我的人?
Abbey: 呃,没有,但我就是为此到这里来—
Portman: 滚你妈的去。
Abbey: Miss Portman,求你,我们有案件的新进展,希望你配合
Portman: 我被捕了?
Abbey: 呃。没有?
Portman: 要是我没有被捕,我就没必要给你说一句话。现在滚去你他妈的车里。(Sneezes loudly)我他妈要去找医生。滚。

Portman: 要不逮捕我要不就滚。
Abbey: [Sighs]好。稍等。
[Abbey向车内走去,短暂停顿后开车。 is heard moving back into her car, pausing briefly to turn on the car.]
Abbey: 希望我的烂镜头有用。但…为记录说一声?Portman在鼻子边Wish my fucking camera worked. But… just like to state for the record? Portman's rooting around in her nose. I'm blown, but I'm going to advise the local PD to put a tail on her.
I know that it's not su我知道它不应该影响到女性,但…My car's out of her driveway.这里有点不对。我的车开出她的车道了。
[Extraneous recording regarding Abbey contacting the nearest police department to tail Portman's vehicle have been excised.]
Abbey: 好的。上帝,我想念od, I miss working Usher.15 So mu对付反常人比正常人容易多了啊。ch easier to deal with abnormies than normies.
我这没有正当事由,所以法律上,我不能闯入。 但,我可以做其他事。[Abbey exits the car again.] It's trash day, so I'm gon这是垃圾日,我要去翻垃圾。坚持下。
[The next several minutes are composed of sounds of grunting and rustling plastic as Abbey searches through trash cans. Th声音停下,然后快速的脚步声,而后Abbey回到车内。e sounds pause, and rapid footsteps are heard, followed by Abbey returning to her vehicle.]
Abbey: 好了。所以,嗯。Portman看来是病了,要去找医生。我在她的垃圾里找到了些组织物。我-我包了一些,他们全都裹满了蜘蛛丝这什么鬼。 I-I bagged some and they are all filled with spiderwebs what the fuck.

Postscript: Abbey顺利返回断网者总部。组织物被发现含有大量蜘蛛丝和人类黏液痕迹。
Melissa Portman的车辆被发现遗弃在住家16公里外。Portman在一周后被发现因蜘蛛丝窒息死亡。尸检表明 Portman是自杀而死。

Excerpt from Audio Diary of Edgar Park:

Park: 现在是周五,2010年5月21日。这是我第四十四篇日志条目。May 21st, 2010. This is my forty-fourth entry in this diary.
We'r我们简直给吓出病了。基金会的一个哥们,,e pretty fucking spooked. One of the Foundation's guys, Bloom,他已经更小心地分析了模因。她已经, has been analyzing the meme more carefully. She's taken care, considering that… well, considering 好吧,考虑到Portman somehow got canned by it. Christ.天。
Sole survivor of the whole t整件事唯一的幸存者,然后她…他妈的用蜘蛛丝把自己弄死了?怎么会?!这怎么做到的?She was sneezing the shit, too. Like. What.
我们发现und out that Portman…她的邻家大概都废弃了。 her neighborhood was pretty abandoned. Everyone moved away bec所有人都搬走了。好吧,动物一直在消失—猫、狗、兔子。电话亭上都是失踪动物传单的钉子,都过去了有几年了。There were telephone poles there painted with staples from all of the missing animal posters that went up over the past few years.
They're g他们明天就要尸检。整件事都怪的要命,oing to do their autopsy tomorrow. This whole thing is freaky, and the tox screen they did— she was f她满是ull of [REDACTED]. I我看了一眼,这些都没一个是在美国的!怎么会?! looked that up, and there's none of those in the US! How?!
I. I can我,我不行。't. Park out.

Autopsy Report of Melissa Portman:

Deceased: Melissa Portman DOB: 3/21/1979 DOD: 5/5/2010
Address: [REDACTED] State: MN Zip: [REDACTED] Age: 31 Sex: F
Race: Caucasian
Height: 162cm Weight: 122kg Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Build: Obese
Scars and Amputations: N/A
Description of Decedent's Clothing: Red long-sleeved T-Shirt, blood and mucus stains on right cuff; blue denim jeans, size 45; undergarments [REDACTED].
Manner: Suicide
Cause: Suffocation by introduction of [REDACTED] to trachea. Envenomation.

Dr. Adler: 再来一遍。
Dr. Scott: I ran the 我在三个不同的实验室做了毒理扫描。tox screen through three different labs.
Dr. Adler: 好吧,在我们这的实验室把它跑一遍!他们ell, run them through the lab we have here! Their system is saturated with [REDACTED], which is completely fucking impossible— she's never been to Austra她从来没去过澳大利亚,那个[已编辑]在明尼苏达也没有哪家动物园或者宠物店有。lia, and that [REDACTED] isn't in any zoo or pet shop in Minnesota.
Dr. Scott: Maybe也许是其他东西?比如—等下,打开她的嘴。 it's something else? Like— hold on. Open the inside of her mouth.
Dr. Adler: We've我们已经检查过她—你做什么? already inspected her— what are you doing?
[At this point,此时,Dr. Scott is heard straining as she attempts to pull out Portman's left upper cuspid. It comes loose, and Dr. Scott brings it underneath a microscope to analyze it.]
Dr. Adler: What are you 你做什么?doing?
Dr Scott: Come over h过来看看。你看像不像人类的牙齿结构?看起来不就是颗牙吗?ere and look at this. Does that look like human dental structure to you? Does it even look like a tooth?
Dr. Adler: 上帝,什么鬼?My god, what the hell? [Dr. Adler pauses] It looks… no, it can't be.看起来…不,不能的。
Dr. Scott: It fits完全符合。犯罪手法,[已编辑]出现在犯罪现场和尸体里,还有这具尸体和Planter身上的所有怪事情。我—我觉得她要比Planter和Kingsmith更完整。我觉得这个模因不管是啥,把[已编辑]的生态印刻给了人类,然后…. The M.O., the presence of [REDACTED] at the crime scenes and in the bodies, and all of the weird shit that's happened with both this body and Planter's. I— I think that she's just more complete than him and Kingsmith. I think that whatever this meme is imprints the biology of a [REDACTED] onto a human, and…
Dr. Adler: And rewrit然后重写身体?DNA是绝对的人类,她和Platner都是…这没道理,一定程度上。es the body? The DNA is conclusively human, for both her and Planter. But…. it does make sense, to a degree.
[T漫长的沉默。此时,Dr. Scotthere is a long pause on the recording. Dr. Scott, at this point, had turned around to face the body of Melissa Portman. She screams.]
Dr. Adler: What什么—耶稣他妈的基督!— oh Jesus Fucking Christ!
Dr. Scott: 操!操啊!What the fuck! What the fuck!
Dr. Adler: Run for it.跑。去拿牙齿! Take the tooth!
[Dr. Adler takes the recording apparatus with him, and flees alongside Dr. Scott. After the autopsy lab is sealed, there is a minute of silence, before Dr. Scott speaks.]
Dr. Scott: Plea请告诉我你看到了。那个尸体…se tell me you saw that. The body was…
Dr. Adler: Made of spiders.是蜘蛛。

Closing Statement: 从Portman口中摘下的牙齿被确信并非牙齿;而是未知物的Testing of the tooth removed from Portman's mouth has determined that it was not a tooth; rather, it was the chelicera and fang of an unknown, very large spi属于der of the Atrax genus coated in a layer of webbing resembling enamel.
Following this, t这之后,he remains of Melissa Portman和 and Linus Planter were both inspected; their cadavers, while retaining其仍然保有人类外形,被发现 a humanoid shape, were found to be composed almost entirely of body parts and webbing from spiders from the Atrax and Latrodectus genus, respectively. This detail escaped both visual observation and electronic recording devices, suggesting that the SCP-3256 meme may be ontokinetic in nature.
当前未知此现象是否延伸到t is currently unknown if this phenomenon extends to the bodies of victims of either SCP-3256-A或SCP-3256-B的受害者尸体上。从2011年6月起,未找到任何受害者遗体。 instances. As of June 2011, none of the victims' remains are accounted for.

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