In 1895, Grayfoot stumbled across a pond filled with fish that were able to breath fire. Grayfoot studied the fish, and then wrote a book about them, A Study on the Fire-Fish. One day, Grayfoot stumbled upon a Way, and saw a place where people could read his book. So, he requested A Study on the Fire-Fish be put on the shelves.
The Library reluctantly accepted his request, and put his 617-page book about the fire-breathing fish on Shelf 4156T.
In 1913, Grayfoot requested a glass aquarium for his fish in the Library. The Library accepted this, and Grayfoot began work on his aquarium, which took up a large portion of the Library. When Grayfoot finished his glass aquarium in 1925, he transported all his fire-breathing fish to it.
One fateful day on 1938, Grayfoot was reading a book next to the glass aquarium. One of the fire-breathing fish leaped out of the aquarium and onto the ground. Out of its mouth, came its fire-breath, which lit the bottom of Shelf 4156T on fire, causing it to collapse on the aquarium, burning Grayfoot, all his fire-breathing fish, and A Study on the Fire-Fish.
For your fishy fire, Grayfoot, we will remember you.


Unlike most saints, Saint Barbara's endeavours were not spurred by any desire to do good, but rather the longing for normal hair.
It is well documented in many sources2 that Saint Barbara was very unfond of his hair, which was completely normal, apart from the facts that it was entirely comprised of spaghetti, and that it regrew extremely quickly.
Saint Barbara, during his one of his many expeditions to attempt fixing his hair, stumbled upon a Way, bringing him to the Library, which was going through one of the worst famines in history3.
The presence of Saint Barbara and, more importantly, his nourishing hair, provided the malnourished residents with much needed sustenance, saving more than five million lives.
Saint Barbara eventually went to the desert planet of Kevhrpi, hoping the planet's many famous alchemists could help him with his noodly hair. He was ultimately unsuccessful, but spent an inordinate amount of time there, accidentally amassing a following of the planet's oppressed and hungry lower-caste citizens, which gave him the title of "Saint" after his death at the hands of the upper-caste rulers.
For your timely appearance and delicious scalp, Saint Barbara, we remember you.

1: 杀死理发师
2: 最为显著的是拉瓦·欧利所著的《美味头发录》,五百七十四页长,全篇记载着圣芭芭拉在凯夫尔皮那段漫长的拜访时所发出的抱怨。
Most prominently in "The Records of The Delectable Locks" by Rava Ohli, whose five hundred seventy-four pages is entirely filled with the written records of the bemoanings of Saint Barbara during his extremely long visit in Kevhrpi.
3: 有关奇异饥荒之年的信息可在档案室中找到,需申请后方可阅览。
Information regarding the Years of the Strange Starvation can be found in the Archives, made available upon request for browsing only.


Little is known of the Priest Born Without Smell of Mind, but it is rumored by the Ancient Krolloth who dwelt within the Library's furthest reaches1, that he was the leader of a small cult on an unnamed continent, who scooped out his brain from his skull and sliced off his nose as penitence towards his dark god, and in turn, gave up his own name. However, as the Ancient Krolloth is not considered to be a reliable source of knowledge, this origin is apocryphal. The first concrete record of the Priest, following his supposed "birth," was in well trafficked corners of the Library, where patrons would see him kneel, and fill his hollow head from a bowl of strong tea. He would not speak, and when pressed would simply write that he was a pilgrim. He would then offer to readers crude clay cups of his own making to dip into his open skull cavity, and taste of his libations. For over seventeen generations, the Priest brewed drinks and served food from his own head to patrons lost within their own readings, distracted from the needs of their flesh. In time, he became regarded by staff and patrons alike as a sort of beloved figure.Following the seventeenth generation, the Priest abruptly stood up, spilling a soup he was offering, and walked through a Way to the fortress of the Delegations of Alameda2, never to be seen in the library again. In his honor, several coffee shops and small bakeries are open throughout the library for patrons of all origins to enjoy.

1. 一个无家可归的爬行动物先知,同时也是讲解员的非正式助手。十分惹人讨厌,但在人们记录到他未必准确的学识之后,他最终加入了讲解员的行列。
A homeless sage of reptilian origin who acted as a informal assistant to the Docents. A general nuisance, he was eventually joined into the Docents' ranks, but not before his questionable knowledge was recorded.
2. 广为人知、有着许多名字的战友团。对他们知之甚少,只知道他们创造了红门之室与其他类似的地方。此外,他们以不留活口而闻名。
Warfarers who are known by many names by many people, little information is known beyond the knowledge that they were the creators of the Red Door Room, and other such places. It is also known that they do not take prisoners alive.


拳击的目标是打中,且永远不被打中。The aim of boxing is to hit, and never to be hit.
-一个懦夫A Coward

The match of David and Goliath in the Ring of Samuel is not one that will soon be forgotten by the annals of history.
Seven rounds had gone through, and it was a miracle that David could still stand, bruises colouring his body with all the hues of the rainbow. Despite the long match time, however, Goliath was as energetic as he was coming into the bout. David cursed his luck, only having to fight the beast because his team's leader took a sudden rain check on the team. Regardless, self-pity was not the key to victory; David would have to think on his feet and with his fists.
In the face of Goliath's endless jabs, David's solution was ill-conceived, but it was his only chance. He ducked, and as Goliath's fist flew down, David rolled out of the way, the giant's fist leaving a crater in the middle of the ring. David promptly grabbed a piece of the rubble and swung it at Goliath's head, knocking the beast to the ground. This was, at the time, perfectly within the rules, and was only professionally banned a century after David's victory. The death of Goliath in the ring is symbolic of many things; triumph in the face of adversity, quick thinking in a tough situation, and the fact that weight classes are for cowards.

1: 生下来时是米尔斯(Miles)
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