特殊收容措施:MTF Gamma-5(“红鲱鱼”)正在进行关于SCP-4509-1至SCP-4509-13的信息误导,以反驳所有试图发现或披露SCP-4509和SCP-4509-01至SCP-4509-13的真实性质的尝试。如果发现任何质疑提供的错误信息的个人或组织,将根据《面纱协议》1予以逮捕和处理。

描述:SCP-4509是一个异常实体,据报道曾是或类似于阿尔冈冈民间传说中的一种生物,称为“ Windigo2 ||
SCP-4509-04 1979 An unknown ranger disappeared from their lookout tower.
SCP-4509-05 1981 Tom Douglas was found partially submerged in a creek near the area he was camping. His skull showed signs of repeated blunt force trauma.
SCP-4509-08 1986 Lewis McConnell was found torn in half at the waist, his upper and lower halves found several dozen meters apart. Body had defensive wounds on the upper arms and hands.
SCP-4509-09 1991 An unknown camper went missing while backpacking along the northern coast of the island.
SCP-4509-10 1992 Dave Mitchell was found torn apart in his tent. Tent showed no signs of damage.
SCP-4509-11 1995 Miranda Byers disappeared while fishing off the coast.
SCP-4509-12 2003 Teddy Smith disappeared from their cabin during the night.
SCP-4509-13 2008 Clarence Thompson was found eviscerated behind the Windigo Station general store. Owner claimed to have no knowledge of the body.

The initial investigation into SCP-4509 was carried out by Agents Devorah Adani and Gregor McWilliam, who posed as investigative journalists for the fictional blog "Anomalous Songs in the Dark" with the goal of gaining information from the residents of Windigo Station. After arriving on the island, they were directed to National Park Service Ranger Betty Scott by a tour guide. Ranger Scott proceeded to discuss the nature of the Windigo Cold Cases with the Agents. The following is a transcript of the conversation Agents Adani and McWilliam had with Ranger Scott.

Interview Log Transcript

Date: February 3rd, 2011

Interviewed: Park Ranger Betty Scott

Interviewer(s): Agent Devorah Adani, Agent Gregor McWilliam


Agent Adani: Thanks for meeting with us, Ranger Scott.

Ranger Scott: You can just call me Betty! And it was my pleasure, it's not like there's much else to do out here.

Agent Adani: Alright. We just wanted to ask you some questions about the Windigo Cold Cases.

Ranger Scott: Well of course! That's all you young folks come here to talk about nowadays.

Agent Adani: I'm twenty-three.

Agent McWilliam: Devorah.

Agent Adani: Anyways, you must know about the legend surrounding the Cases, right?

Ranger Scott: The one about the Asian carp?

Agent Adani: Asian carp? No, that a Windigo was the cause of them.

Ranger Scott: A Windigo!

Agent McWilliam: Yes Rang- Betty. A Windigo.

Ranger Scott: You think a Windigo was the cause of the Windigo Cold Cases? Hah! Shows what you know. No, it was actually a goddamn gnome.

Agent Adani: A gnome? How can you be sure?

Ranger Scott: Because I went out, hunted it down, and killed it myself.

Agent McWilliam: Do you have proof of this?

Ranger Scott: Nope. I burned its body. You never know with these monsters whether they're really dead or just fooling.


Addendum 4509-1: Following the interview, Agents Adani and McWilliam chose to investigate the areas in which SCP-4509-01 through -13 occurred. The first seven locations lacked any evidence of anomalous occurrences. At the location in which SCP-4509-08 occurred, the Agents found gashes on a nearby pine tree resembling claw marks. The gashes did not match any existing animal or known entity found on Isle Royale.

No further evidence was discovered until the Agents investigated the location in which SCP-4509-13 occurred, where they found the burned cadaver of an anomalous entity within the adjacent area. The following is a transcript of Agents Adani and McWilliam first examining the cadaver.

Recording Device Transcript

Date: February 4th, 2011

Subject: Anomalous Entity Cadaver

Involved Personnel: Agent Devorah Adani, Agent Gregor McWilliam


Agent Adani: Is it recording?

Agent McWilliam: Yeah.

Agent Adani: Alright. This is Agents Adani and McWilliam doing an initial examination of an anomalous cadaver we discovered during our investigation on Isle Royale. The cadaver is roughly a meter in height, maybe less. It appears to have been burned and then buried at some point. Looks like the soil above the cadaver was recently eroded by rain runoff. The head, upper torso, and right arm are currently visible. Here, Gregor, get a good look at the skull with the camera.

Agent McWilliam: Alright. Is that a bullet hole?

Agent Adani: I'd say so. It doesn't look like it went out the other side. Could I have your flashlight? Thanks. Yeah, I think I can see something metallic in there. We'll have to let the docs take a look at this. Hey, take a look at the fingers, they end in claws.

Agent McWilliam: Could this thing have made the gashes we saw?

Agent Adani: Possibly.

Ranger Scott: It's a certainty.

Agent Adani: What the-

Ranger Scott: I see you young folks didn't believe me. I'll have you know that I may be old, but I'm no liar. There haven't been Windigos on Isle Royale since '68 when the government came and chased them all north. After that this here gnome started attacking the campers.

Agent McWilliam: Well then.

Agent Adani: God damnit.

Ranger Scott: I suggest you two get on the first boat out of here. You wasted the only hospitality the island was willing to give you.


Addendum 4509-2: Following the encounter with Ranger Scott, Agents Adani and McWilliam departed Isle Royale, and upon reaching the mainland, shared their findings with their superior. Ranger Scott has been assigned Person of Interest status as PoI-843. Investigation into Isle Royale and PoI-843 is currently ongoing.

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