Site of last SCP-1533 event.

项目编号: SCP-1533

项目等级: Euclid

特殊收容措施:The individuals that collectively comprise SCP-1533 are to be confined to a 10 x 10 x 10 meter cell in Site-██. An armed guard is to be posted outside of the containment chamber at all times. Should SCP-1533 attempt to escape, firearms are capable of subduing the entities only temporarily. Requests of a material nature - whether it be of books, film, music, or other media - are to be strictly denied and any personnel discovered smuggling paraphernalia into SCP-1533's cell will be removed from the holding facility and relocated per administrative orders. Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to fraternize with each other or the collective itself. All agents are to assume a neutral expression and allowed to only make short declarative statements in the presence of the holding cell. Any individualizing actions, social flourishes, or other interactions that go beyond the communication of simple directives will be added to SCP-1533's behavior pool and be utilized to facilitate an escape. 组成SCP-1533的集体须被关押于Site-██内一间10 x 10 x 10(米)收容间。在任何时刻都须有一名武装安保被部署在收容间外。如果SCP-1533尝试逃脱,枪支只能用来暂时制服实体。实体对物质的需求 - 不管是书籍,电影,音乐,还是其他媒体 - 都必须严加拒绝;如果发现人员 - 任何人 - 将上述物品走私进SCP-1533的收容间,此人将根据行政命令被移出收容地点并重新安置。收容地点内的任何人都不可以与对方或实体有过深的交情。在收容间附近,所有人都必须保持一个中性的表情(面无表情)并只能用陈述式的语言交流。任何超出正常指令的个人行为、社交活动以及其他类似交流都将被划入SCP-1533的可能行为1中并视其为被SCP-1533用来逃脱的手段

During the normally scheduled SCP-1533 event day, twelve (12) D-class exhibiting symptoms of autism spectrum disorders are to socialize with the collective in order to stunt SCP-1533's social growth. The desocializing of SCP-1533 must occur under the supervision of armed guards. Armed personnel are tasked with closely observing for any signs of the collective attempting to socialize the D-class for its own benefit, or any other anomalies. Operatives are prohibited from interacting with SCP-1533 in any way beyond making eye contact. 在正常规划的SCP-1533事件日期间,须令十二(12)名表现出自闭症谱系障碍的D级与(SCP-1533的)集体进行社交来阻碍它的社会化成长。SCP-1533的去社会化必须在武装安保的监督下进行。武装人员的任务是密切观察任何集体为了自身利益而试图使D级社会化的迹象,或任何其他异常情况。特工人员禁止与SCP-1533进行眼神交流以外的任何交流。

描述: SCP-1533 is the designation for an aggregate intelligence of unknown nature with command over ██ superficially human entities and their personalities. Instances of SCP-1533 only manifest as social gatherings of variable nature organized and attended by its comprising individuals. The SCP-1533 events occur at monthly intervals within a fifty (50) mile radius of the previous event's location, and are generally gatherings such as house parties or holiday mixers. However, SCP-1533 has not been known to organize events that rely on the attendees knowing each other prior to the gathering, such as family reunions or birthday parties. SCP-1533是一个智慧集合体,拥有控制██浅薄的人形实体及其人格的能力。SCP-1533的个体会表现出不同性质的社交聚会行为,这些聚会由组成集合体的个体组织和参加。SCP-1533事件每月发生一次。在先前的事例中,事件发生在半径五十(50)英里的范围内,且通常表现为类似假日聚会或别墅聚会的集会。然而在SCP-1533目前组织的事件中,这些聚会并不像生日聚会或是家庭聚会那样,因为参与者在聚会前互相都不认识。

The individuals that comprise SCP-1533 possess the ability to mimic the behaviors of human subjects they have interacted with in the past. Observed behaviors enter a collective 'database' at the disposal of SCP-1533 which are then distributed across the entities differently for each event. Each entity receives a personality schema consisting of a host of behaviors, skills, and personal attributes in order to perform a specific social role. The individuals need only to be in direct line of sight of an action to 'absorb' it, remaining sensitive to social cues even when apparently intoxicated. Specific examples of modifiable attributes include personal idiosyncrasies, inflection and cadence of voice, physical expertise in a sport or activity, oratory skill, the demeanor of an individual, and even sense of humor.组成SCP-1533的个体有模仿他们过去接触过的人类对象行为的能力。个体观察到的行为会被录入由SCP-1533处理的集体‘数据库’中,并根据个体遭遇的不同事件分布。每个实体会接受(并使用)数据库分配的一种行为模式,该模式由一系列行为,技能和个人属性组成,用以扮演一个特定的社会角色。个体只需要将一个行为保持在直接视线范围内以‘吸收‘它,这样即便在喝醉的情况下也会对社会暗示保持敏感。具体的例子包括个人特质,声音的音调和节奏变化,体育活动中的肢体动作特征,演讲技巧,个人的举止,甚至幽默感。

The ease by which SCP-1533 is able to model persuasive personalities is a sign of its growing social competency. The process is analogous to natural selection, in that there is a preference for favorable behaviors that will better endear it to future victims, and those that discomfort or otherwise "turn off" attendees are discarded. As a consequence, the individuals have progressed from exhibiting symptoms of low-grade autism spectrum disorder to becoming a highly alluring and dangerous group of individuals. SCP-1533能够轻易地模仿有说服力的人格,这是它日益增长的社交能力的一个标志。这个过程类似于自然选择,因为它更偏向于保留能被受害者喜欢的行为,而那些会让人感到不舒服或是反感的行为则被抛弃。因此,它已经从一些表现出低度自闭症谱系障碍症状的低危险性个体,发展成为一个极具吸引力和危险性的群体。

Outside of expanding its data pool, SCP-1533 exists only to exercise its power of manipulation over human beings. This can range from challenging a target's self-identity by persuading them to agree with obscene and untenable point of view, to more indirect methods that inflict emotional and physical harm on subjects. The collective has shown a preference for employing charismatic personalities to captivate human targets into threatening the integrity of close friendships and intimate relationships (see Personality List). The collective competes against itself for the emotional dominance of their guests, and those personalities with the most success have begun to exhibit some semblance of autonomy by brandishing tattoos and other symbols of status to denote their rank. 除了扩展它的数据库,SCP-1533仅在练习其操控人类的能力时露面。这种练习可以是通过说服目标认同一种污秽的或是荒谬的观点来挑战他们的自我认同感,也可以是使用其他间接的方法使对象受到情感和生理的伤害。SCP-1533群体还表现出一个使用很有魅力的个体诱惑人类目标的偏好,以期威胁亲密的友谊和类似关系的完整性。

The beings exert such a profound effect on human beings that Foundation operatives routinely recover letters and personal belongings addressed to SCP-1533 sent by past guests to previous event sites. The entities have also attempted to bribe personnel by promising to secure them the love and adoration of specific persons in their lives, such as peers or romantic interests. SCP-1533's personalities have developed an aptitude for reading body language and facial expressions that currently exceeds Foundation understanding. Removing those personnel prone to the collective's manipulations has also proved troublesome, as it has only served to bolster SCP-1533's confidence in its own abilities. As of ██/██/████, operatives are to be assigned masks to wear so as to limit the social data SCP-1533 assimilates with every encounter.

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