Item #: SCP-1894

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Object Class: keter

Special Containment Procedures:The project must always be under the effective management of the Foundation and be accommodated in a special accommodation of 30m*30m*10m.In the reception site of the room, 120 cm reinforced concrete must be used as the outer layer, and high strength thermo-resistant and tough composite materials must be used and filled in the interior. It should be no less than 10 cm and filled with 100 cm reinforced concrete in the interior. A team of not less than██people must be stationed at the site where the project is hosted.Weather should be inspected by the site's heavily armed security personnel from a radius of two (2) metres from the project's reception room (using UAVs in special cases).Any intruder who breaks in without permission must be executed immediately and the body burned1In this project, a lamp with a power of not less than 500 V should be placed in the upper and lower parts of the reception room to illuminate, and a 360 degree camera should be placed in the central part of the 94 top of the reception room to monitor the reception in real time all day.

If a breakthrough occurs, the response team stationed at the site must immediately arrive at the 10 (10) m radius external deployment team centered on the project's reception room and start the nuclear warhead detonation procedure (if necessary), and immediately isolate the site after completing this series of preparations to prevent the spread of SCP-1894.

Description:SCP-1894 is an unknown pathogen and has been found to be highly infectious, including:

  • Transmission through the saliva of the infected person and body fluids from the infected person
  • Air transmission
  • Water transmission (on the premise that SCP-1894 is stored in the water source)
  • Sexual transmission
  • The transmission of these usually non-lethal pathogens is carried out by parasites such as nanoviruses and parasites.

Individuals infected with SCP-1894 now experience four (4) stages of change:

Phase I:Individuals infected with SCP-1894 will not have any adverse reactions within 10 to 20 minutes (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1894-01), but after about half an hour (30 minutes), the skin of SCP-1894-01 will show signs of ulceration and suspected dropping, and the signs of life of SCP-1894-01 will stop within the next two (2) to four (4) hours. No, and there will be a continuous flow of blood-like fluid from the head of SCP-1894-01. Five (5) minutes later, SCP-1894-01 regains its life and looks more energetic than ever before. At this time, SCP-1894-01 will walk back and forth in situ, with its mouth in its mouth2Every now and then sounds. Ten (10) minutes later, SCP-1894-01 will quickly grow extra limbs from its own body. At this time, SCP-1894-01 lost its vitality again.

Phase IIAbout ten (10) minutes later, SCP-1894-01 creeps slowly on the ground and observes that the skin of SCP-1894-01 begins to disappear, the head becomes abnormally large, and the upper and lower limbs begin to grow at an alarming rate3Then SCP-1894-01 will stand up and be very aggressive, but SCP-1894-01 is not moving.

Phase IIIAlthough SCP-1894-01 is not moving, this does not mean that SCP-1894-01 is not aggressive. When any individual appears within a three (3) meter radius centered on SCP-1894-01, SCP-1894-01 rushes towards the individual at a very fast speed and with a tremendous voice of hatred, which can be cruel4Kill the individual (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1894-02). Within about one (1) to five (5) minutes, SCP-1894-02 regained its vitality, and no loss of advanced brain function was observed. SCP-1894-02 will unconditionally obey the orders of all SCP-1894-01 individuals5But without the command of SCP-1894-01 individuals, SCP-1894-02 individuals usually behave very gently and are very good at talking to humans6In summary, SCP-1894-02 individuals can be temporarily classified into three levels of biochemical pollutants for easy reference.

Phase IVAt this time, the brain of SCP-1894-01 has developed to a level higher than many human levels, so all known SCP-1894-02 individuals at this stage must be executed and burned as soon as possible.

Note that the following documents are highly confidential for the Foundation! The unauthorized person forbids to view, otherwise will start the gene erasure procedure!!!!!!!!!!

> SCP-1894 Test Record

Test object:SCP-1894
Record Beginning

  • 17:08. D-926 entered the test room, initially D-926 did not show hostility. But when D-926 drank > a glass of water containing SCP-1894, D-926 first dropped the glass on the ground, then cursed her > doctor and security guards very rudely. At 18:46, the skin of D-926 began to fester, and D-926 did > not show any pain. But as time went on, ten (10) minutes later, D-926 began screaming in great > pain and begged the doctor to let her go. Until D-926 falls to the ground…
  • 19:21.D-926 regains vitality. D-926's upper and lower limbs begin to grow at the rate > of███m/min. D-926's head begins to swell (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1894-01). SCP-1894-01 > seems painful, but there is still no obvious resistance reaction.
  • 19:35. Doctor ordered three (3) D-level personnel to be placed in the test room, and 19:38.3 (3) > D-level personnel entered the test room in turn. SCP-1894-01 began to rush towards these poor > people and began to produce SCP-1894-02… // Wait, no!!! //

The negligence of the testers led to a slight failure of the SCP-1894, but it taught us a lesson: > Never again try to indulge any SCP-1894-01 individual into Phase III.

End of Record


declare:All personnel are not allowed to test SCP-1894 without authorization in order to avoid invalidation of reception.——O5-████

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