项目编号: SCP-3840

项目等级: Keter

特殊收容措施: 考虑到SCP-3840显现区域的面积,这一项目无法被完全收容。遏制措施将集中于散布对SCP-3840目击的掩盖讯息,以使民众相信所有关于此异常的信息都来自于一个都市传说,并将相关的目击事件解释为当地的动物群或是幻觉。如果目击者试图大量传播关于SCP-3840的信息,将被施以记忆清除。


修订: 禁止尝试与SCP-3840进行交流。

描述: SCP-3840是一个消瘦的人形实体,被发现于加拿大北部森林地区。它的体表覆盖有严重的烧伤痕迹,据估算大约有2米高。Manifestations involve SCP-3840 being ejected out of a section of the forest, reaching a height of 50m above the canopy, and descending to another forested section 20m away.

This process will repeat for a variable length of time, normally around three minutes though reaching an hour on occasion, during which SCP-3840 moves toward the nearest population center until reaching a distance of 20km from the location. Demanifestation has not been directly observed. Of note is that, at all points during movement, SCP-3840 appears to be largely limp.

Certain objects that enter an undetermined radius around SCP-3840 will be pushed by an unseen force into following the same "leaping" motions as the entity, invariably colliding with trees or the ground in the process. These objects will vanish when SCP-3840 demanifests, and do not appear in subsequent manifestations. The most frequently observed objects seen alongside the entity are deceased animals, damaged articles of clothing, and computers.

Shortwave radio broadcasts at a frequency of 2156 kHz are released from SCP-3840 when manifested. These broadcasts consist entirely of a repeating monotone buzzing sound. A sample of this audio is below. WARNING: As this file may be loud, personnel are advised to lower the volume before listening.

No variations have so far been observed.

Sightings of entities similar to SCP-3840 have been reported. The most common describe a humanoid rapidly flying through a forested area, frequently colliding with trees while followed by indiscernible objects. An investigation is in progress.


The area around the camp site, photographed by Agent Szmurlo.

附录: On 21-August-2015, Foundation assets began detecting a stationary radio broadcast at 2156 kHz, originating from Spray Valley Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada. The signal consisted entirely of a female voice repeatedly saying "Hello?" in English and French. After twelve hours the broadcast ceased, and undercover Foundation operatives were dispatched to the location.

Operatives discovered a camp site within a forested area. A heavily damaged camping van and the remains of a makeshift radio tower1 were present at the location, along with burnt articles of clothing. Cyrielle Mercier, a member of multiple online conspiracy theory forums, and a cell phone that belonged to an acquaintance were found inside the van.

Relevant files are available below.

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