Item #: SCP-2963

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2963收容于两个相连的标准人形收容室中。收容室的湿度需保持在58%。SCP-2963-5需每日以营养液喂食一次。

Description: SCP-2963为7个独立的实体,之前曾为D-3553-3,一名分配给SCP-████1的研究员使用的D级人员,由Dr. McCauley进行监督。在一次对SCP-████进行的失败收容尝试中,两名D级人员和四名收容人员死亡,而D-3553-3被转化成了当前的状态。

Item Description Notes
SCP-2963-1 神经系统 最健谈的实体,性格与D-3553-3的原有性格非常相似。尽管缺少必需的细胞结构,其可以通过在水平面上拉扯自身进行移动,其所有的神经结构完整且功能正常。
SCP-2963-2 骨骼系统 极少交流,但似乎有着与SCP-2963-1和-3相当的智力。骨骼由不明的力量结合成人体骨架的外形。
SCP-2963-3 肌肉系统 Possesses intellect on par with SCP-2963-1 and -2, communicates often. SCP-2963-3 is most prone to hostility and violence if provoked, and should be treated with caution. SCP-2963-3 typically maintains humanoid form, but is capable of moving as an amorphous mass.
SCP-2963-4 心血管系统与呼吸系统 Moves in a similar fashion to SCP-2963-1, though it is able to scale sheer vertical surfaces. If SCP-2963-4 is deprived of oxygen, all 7 SCP-2963 entities will begin to suffocate.
SCP-2963-5 消化系统、肾脏系统与排泄系统 SCP-2963-5 does not move, and is not believed to be self-aware. Entity must be fed a liquid nutrient solution in order to maintain entirety of SCP-2963. All waste produced by SCP-2963 is excreted by SCP-2963-5.
SCP-2963-6 皮肤系统2 SCP-2963-6 is capable of communication, though does so rarely. Entity floats approximately one meter above ground by unknown means, and is capable of maneuvering through very small gaps. SCP-2963’s containment chamber has been made airtight as a precaution.
SCP-2963-7 生殖系统、内分泌系统和免疫系统 Entity moves similarly to terrestrial gastropods, with organs forming a foot to pull the instance forward.

Below are sample interview transcripts with SCP-2963-1, -2, -3, and -6.

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