一个SCP-2661的幻景的例子,由一位后期成瘾者复制而出。此范例(以一把冰镐从铋晶洞中雕刻而出)花费了超过100小时制作。尺寸:0.8m x 0.7 m x 0.2 m。


另一个花费超过7天制造的复制品,此照片描绘了在桌布上作的草图。尺寸:2m x 2m。





Item #: SCP-2661

Object Class: Euclid
项目等级: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2661 has not been contained, but efforts are ongoing to identify the source of its manufacture. SCP-2661-Alpha is contained on site at its location 10 km south of Ames, Iowa. The land and construction were seized under eminent domain using the cover story that they represent a biological hazard requiring quarantine. Level 2 security is to be maintained. SCP-2661-Beta is at-large and presumed active.
特殊收容措施: SCP-2661尚未被收容,但正在努力确定其制造源头。SCP-2661-Alpha被收容在爱荷华州埃姆斯南方10km的站点中。土地与建筑已被有需要隔离的生物危害为由征用。将保持2级安全标准。SCP-2661-Beta尚未被寻获并被推定为活跃。

Description: SCP-2661 is an illegal street drug known variously as 'asterion', 'zezna', and 'tojkef'. SCP-2661 began surfacing in late 2014 in Asia Minor and has since made its way to North Africa, Europe, and North America. Street-level dealers have proven useless in discovering its source. Even under strenuous interrogation they have proven ignorant of how they came into possession of it. Tissue samples have revealed that they had been administered amnestics in the past 90 days.
描述: SCP-2661是一种非法街头毒品,常被称为“asterion”,“zezna”与“tojkef”。SCP-2661在2014年年末于小亚细亚出现,并已传播至北非,欧洲与北美洲。无法循街头毒贩追寻其来源。即使在严格的审讯下,他们依然表现出了对获得其过程的不知情。组织样本显示他们在过去的90天内经历过药物导致的记忆缺失。

Typically smoked, SCP-2661 behaves as a psychedelic and stimulant, producing a very short lasting experience typified by a feeling of euphoria accompanied by vivid hallucinations. SCP-2661 is highly addictive, with a dependence potential comparable to heroin. Spectrographic analysis has proven contradictory and inconclusive.

Of note is the unusual degree of agreement between users of the drug in the kinds of imagery experienced: highly recursive geometries, marked by proliferating angles and avenues. After using the drug even for a short time, the desire to recall these experiences becomes pronounced, typically leading users to attempt elaborate, highly detailed reproductions. Failure to yield to these compulsions (when, for instance, confined or under medical care) produces a sharp sense of anxiety or dread. Amnestics have proven only partially successful in addressing these symptoms. The obsessional effects are distinct from the more conventional physical withdrawal produced when the drug itself is unavailable. Those have proven amenable to conventional addiction therapies i.e. counseling, 12-step programs, Ayahuasca, etc.

Roughly 1 in 1,000 users suffer an atypical reaction. This group is characterized by a difficulty achieving REM sleep, a manic concentration, and an almost savant-like ability to recall and articulate the drug experience. This group is at great risk of dying due to sleep-deprivation and exhaustion motivated by their desire to work on their reproductions without interruption.

Recovery Log: SCP-2661-Alpha — one of such reproductions — spans over 70 acres of farmland. It consists of intricate alley-ways and corridors constructed with ad hoc materials such as plywood, cardboard, stone sheeting and other detritus. The owner of the farmland, a Mr. James █████, appears to have built it over the course of 100 days. Local authorities became concerned for the man's well-being, but no action was taken as he appeared lucid and cheerful when questioned and appeared to pose no danger to himself or others. He maintained that, being of advanced age, he had decided to devote what time he had left to an artistic endeavor that might outlive him. Foundation agents interceded when reports surfaced that his butchered remains had been discovered by a census taker.
恢复日志: SCP-2661-Alpha – 复制品之一 – 跨越了超过70英亩的农田。其由复杂的通道与走廊构成,主要由胶合板、纸板、石板与其他碎屑等临时材料建造。农地的所有者James █████似乎在100天内建成了它。地方当局对这个人的健康状况感到担忧,但没有采取任何行动,因为当他被质疑时,他显得清醒与开朗,而且似乎并没有对自己或他人构成危险。他在高龄下决定将余生投入到可能比他活得更久的艺术奋斗之中。当一位人口普查员发现了他被杀后的残骸时,基金会特工介入了事件。

Footage recovered from surveillance cameras on the property show that on September 8th, 2015, a boviform humanoid emerged from the construction. The entity (classified SCP-2661-Beta) then consumed Mr. █████ over the course of several hours. Mr. █████ put up no resistance, though he appeared in great pain. After he expired, the entity dug a make-shift grave and deposited his remains in it. It then knelt besides the grave for a period of 45 minutes, after which it fled.

Foundation agents discovered that the the construction's walls bore marks made in blood, apparently measured out at regular intervals with the remains of Mr. █████'s intestines. Their purpose remains unknown. The entity in question has not been sighted since.

Further review of Mr. █████'s remains revealed a symbol engraved in his skull (reproduced above). Its significance is unknown.

Addendum: The following are excerpts recovered from Mr. █████'s diary:
附录: 以下内容被专家从█████的日记中恢复:

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