Waning: when you see this warning, you are exposed to the mental erasure meme "cluster" GCDM. 2 / 5xxx level permission is required for browsing the following documents

Permission authentication succeeded. Welcome, authorized personnel

intem#: scp-5xxx perfect
Object Class
Special Containment Procedures:240 "AS" Jamming Devices with frequency conversion between 1kHz and 10kHz will be placed in the center of 240 LL area with 15 ° (longitude) × 15 ° (latitude). The frequency band of each scp-5xxx individual will be suppressed to ensure that the scp-5xxx individual cannot radiate and spread frequency waves.Each frequency wave sent by scp-5xxx individual shall be collected after being suppressed and sent to the laboratory for processing, analysis and recording.All personnel involved in scp-5xxx reception must strictly follow the SFS alpha processing program to process ordinary frequency waves. If there are frequency waves that are hostile or will affect the entropy value in the region, the longitude and latitude region of the scp-5xxx individual should be marked as the SS region and SSFS processing should be started immediately.

All personnel below Class B participating in the reception of scp-5xxx shall not know all details about the SSFS or SFS program, and shall be deleted by level B memory to erase any memory about the SSFS or SFS program after assisting in completing a round of SSFs or SFS program.During the execution of the procedure, if any person is infected by scp-5xxx, he / she shall be suspended immediately and a compulsory mental health assessment shall be carried out.If the condition is bad, can directly used the infrasound wave to wipe out the personnel.

If all MTF personnel in a LL area lose contact or life during SFS alpha or SSFs processing procedures, the emergency processing force,SECTF-5xxx, should be sent to the LL area, and 90 HIFW(high-intensity frequency wave) area band stoppers and jamming devices should be set around the LL area to suppress all frequency waves in the longitude and latitude area.In case of failure, the LL area can be blocked, and the "heptachord" LS-AO.LEBE ("heptachord" large size abnormal erasure. Low entropy body erasure) warhead in the frequency band blocking jamming device in the center of the LL area can be detonated, and cleaned the LL area as Ω - 5 level.

The MTF-SFS stationed in each LL area shall change posts every 7 days. The new MTF shall replenish the personnel and materials of the stationed troops according to the allocation of the previous MTF.Mtf-ssfs stationed in SS area shall change posts every 2 days.The personnel and material reserve of each replaced MTF shall be 3 times of that of MTF-SFS, and shall be equipped with 2 "heptachord" LS-AO.LEBE warhead controllers.The personnel holding the controller shall be the captain of the MTF or Class B and above of the team.

If scp-5xxx distorts entropy in a large area, it will force the world from low entropy to high entropy, and even lead to the EC doomsday.We should immediately start the AEC counteraction program, and launch the "Pantheon" G-AA.SEA ( "Pantheon" global-anti abnormal.entropy abnormal suppression) meme from the space station to the world, to strike on any entropy disorder frequency wave in the world, and delete the Class B memory clear of all human beings through memory clear meme.After the strike, the entropy disorder area should be isolated and labeled as EDA (entropy disorder area).Each time this event occurs, the details of the event should be compiled in the SCP Foundation's deep archives.

As any SCP-5xxx is classified as Class 4 confidential information, it still has certain anomalous properties of SCP-5xxx. Therefore, "CLUSTER" GCDM memes are attached to each SCP-5xxx profile for confidentiality and suppression.

description:SCP-5xxx is a frequency-wave meme.This meme will spread with the frequency wave at a frequency of not less than 5000hz in the atmosphere at a rate five times faster than the ordinary frequency wave.

When SCP-5xxx comes into contact with a low-entropy living body, SCP-5xxx will separate from the frequency wave, and quickly invade the brain and neural tissue of the low-entropy living body. At any time when the low-entropy living body has the characteristics of life, change the Behaviour and consciousness.Life forms invaded by SCP-5xxx are classified into SCP-5xxx-N or SCP-5xxx-S according to their different risks.

When a low-entropy lifeform is invaded by SCP-5xxx, the instance will lose control and become a high-entropy lifeform. The main manifestations are:

1. There is a sound that the living body cannot make. Upon inspection, the sound appeared to contain SCP-5xxx in the form of frequency waves.

2. Move without purpose, trying to find more things they think are perfect.

3. It will try to change the current space from the level of law by propagating the entropy value to make "imperfect things perfect".

When there are more than [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-5xxx-SFS or SSFS within a certain range, SCP-5xxx will change its nature, gradually invading the entropy value of the area while invading the low-entropy life, and gradually approaching the high-entropy.This change may lead to the decline or even the demise of civilizations in the region. If the area receiving this change is too large, it may affect the increase of entropy in the global and even outer space due to the conduction effect of entropy, and eventually cause EC-level doomsday.

SCP-5xxx-SFS or SSFS will spontaneously search for other SCP-5xxx-SFS or SSFS, or make contact by means of frequency waves. Because this connection contains a large number of SCP-5xxx, it will turn the structure with the frequency of the outgoing radio wave close to SCP-5xxx into the source of SCP-5xxx infection. Therefore, no SCP-5xxx-SFS or SSFS should be near any outgoing radio wave Strong structure within 500m.

Reading below requires a 3 / 5xxx level license

Entropy abnormality monitoring system has been turned on [έλεγχος-α manual start]

Records are being retrieved from SCP-5xxx deep records …

Item Recovery Record-1

At 7:46 34s 33ms on July 19, 1973, SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17 appeared in the warp and weft area 77/240. In the next 2 hours, the entropy value in the LL area increased rapidly and was rapidly rising to the high entropy area. At 9:46, the entropy in the region reached a critical point, and civilization was about to collapse. The MTF of the SCP Foundation in the LL area 77/240 immediately dispatched a total of 13 MTF-SSFS.ES and a SECTF to the processing, the processing time is about ■ ■ days.

Due to the great threat of this SSFS event, which may cause EC-level doomsday, the SCP Foundation has increased its control over the 77/240 LL area.At present, all SCP stations in this area have upgraded the frequency wave isolation system from CFI to AFI, and have installed a "string" SS-AP.FWP ("string" small-range anomaly prevention. Frequency wave isolation) ) To ensure that SCP-5xxx-SSTS reappears in this area in the future.

Due to the nature of SCP-SSFS-17's recovery operations, the nature of the anomalous SCP-5xxx still remains. This record is only a copy, and the accuracy of the information is 98.19%. Currently, the SCP Foundation Entropy Department is attempting to erase anomalous properties from the archives.

Reading below requires a 4 / 5xxx level license

Entropy abnormality monitoring system has been activated [έλεγχος-β automatic start]

SCP-5xxx-17 Interrogation Log

Note: The staffing of this interrogation is entirely voluntary and personnel may be affected by SCP-5xxx-17. In the end, we selected Dr. ■■■■■■ who has a lot of experience in abnormal confrontation and is determined.

● Recording started

Dr. ■■■■■■: Hello, SCP-5xxx-17

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: Hello, doctor.

Dr. ■■■■■■: Why do you want to increase the entropy value of 77/240 in the latitude and longitude zone, causing confusion?

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: It wasn't I who raised the entropy, but humans themselves raised the entropy.

Dr. ■■■■■■: Why can a civilization with always low entropy affect the entropy value?

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: Because humans in that area have seen truth.

Dr. ■■■■■■: Truth …

SCP-5xxxSSFS-17: I didn't appear to bring disaster, I just came to let you ignorance low entropy witness the truth. You call me an anomaly, but I don't know I've been waiting for you.

Dr. ■■■■■■: [Silent]

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: I was born with humans, and I have witnessed all your actions in pursuit of perfection

Dr. ■■■■■■: [Silent]

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: Humans were born hundreds of thousands of years ago. They think perfection is to have caves, bonfires, and food.

Dr. ■■■■■■: [Silent]

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: Star-shifted objects change, humans constitute the original country, and the world changes from high entropy to low entropy. Mankind began to search for the laws of all things, the invisible theorems.

Dr. ■■■■■■: [Silent]

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: I see the East. Mathematicians are drawing polygons in circles. They want to find the exact value of π. But Doctor, you also know that π will never have a perfect exact value, it will always have flaws, but human beings are still walking on the path of perfection.

Dr. ■■■■■■: So what do you want to express?

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: True perfection never exists in a low-entropy civilization, they can only be put into theory. The so-called perfection is nothing more than a realistic utopia, just a goal among the mad population. I let the humans in that area of ​​warp and weft witness high entropy, a structure that humans have long sought, born in infinite chaos. They are spreading entropy madly, trying to make the low entropy body around them into high entropy bodies, and looking for other perfection. A low-entropy structure is never perfect, and everything in a high-entropy is perfect. The "perfection" in low entropy is your own structural characteristics, the reason why the low entropy universe is stable, is that all things around you have the commonality-defects

Dr. ■■■■■■: So …

SCP-5xxx-SSFS-17: A flaw is perfect.

● End of recording

After the trial, Dr. ■■■■■■ kept himself in the room. Five days later, Dr. ■■■■■■ shot himself. SCP Foundation received a message from Dr. ■■■■■■ before suicide

What a nice life!I know the truth.

Dr. ■■■■■■ After suicide, the SCP Foundation honors him with the Foundation Heroes Medal.

Reading below requires a 5 / 5xxx level license

■■■■ Years ■■ Months ■■ Days, all anomalous properties of SCP-5xxx disappear, and all remaining high-entropy spaces fall back to Low entropy. All SCP Foundation frequency receivers received the same message from SCP-5xxx at the same time.

I have left
I no longer threaten
I convey the truth
Human pursuit of perfect footsteps
What is a defect
What is perfect
In this low-entropy space
Defects are perfect
So there is only one mystery left
It has never been parsed
Why should one thing pursue another itself?

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