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“他是████,就是我之前跟你说过的学神!”女孩兴奋地向另一名女孩介绍着我。wind blows, her look didn't change a lot, still had a cury hair. but she is not my friend, because she just want to get romantic love from me, this is what she will do in the future.

“████吗?这个名字很少见啊!标志的意思吗?很有趣啊!”special is the only word that I can describe her. the only and truly friendship.

介绍过就是朋友吗?或许是。this is what I can get? no

时间流逝,群组再也没有讯息,过去的友人也再没有交集。沒有人找自己,也自然不去找任何人。being lonely everyday, people afraid of me, they are not truly making friends with me. how can I do it?

long time no see

save him plz, amen

summer, we go to ocean park. wonderful past time.

I write it out. hope no one see it.

what is that

so it calls viiv?


they are all here, except him

hi scp, is me, again

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