Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4334 is to be indefinitely closed to the public. The former park office, located at the entrance to SCP-4334, has been converted into Provisional Site-133 for the purpose of housing research and security personnel. Security cameras have been stationed around the perimeter of SCP-4334. Site-133 personnel are to administer Class-A amnestics to any civilians attempting to trespass within SCP-4334. The Anomalous Communication Scrambling Network (ACSN) is to be utilized in intercepting and deleting messages sent by SCP-4334-1.

特殊收容措施: SCP-4334将对公众无限期关闭。位于SCP-4334入口处的原公园办公区已改为临时驻地Site-133,供研究和安保人员居住。已于SCP-4334周边部署安保摄像头。Site-133的工作人员将对任何试图进入SCP-4334的平民实施A级记忆消除。异常通信加扰网络(ACSN)将用于截获和删除SCP-4334-1发送的信息。

Description: SCP-4334 designates the 3.4 km2 of forest within Oakwood State Park, Connecticut. SCP-4334 exhibits multiple anomalous properties and phenomena, which began manifesting on 04/07/2016. The following is a list of observed anomalous features:

  • Approximately 75% of trees within SCP-4334 exhibit wooden growths resembling Type B electrical outlets. These growths are functional, and emit between 100 and 127 volts of electricity.
  • The entirety of SCP-4334 emits WiFi signals with no discernible source. The WiFi network is named "NatureIsCool" and does not require a password to access.
  • At night, music can be heard within SCP-4334 with no discernible source. This music mostly consists of songs that are popular at the time, with a heavily amplified bass line.
  • Fireflies can be found within SCP-4334 during the entirety of the year, despite typically requiring temperatures in excess of 15°C to become active. Whenever music is played within SCP-4334, either by a human or through SCP-4334's previously stated property, these fireflies will form large clusters on tree branches and emit bioluminescence in a synchronized manner in time with the beat of the music.

SCP-4334-1 is the email account "moc.liamg|loocsierutan#moc.liamg|loocsierutan". SCP-4334-1 has no known affiliation with the former Oakwood State Park staff or the Connecticut Department of Forestry and Conservation. SCP-4334-1 sends monthly emails to every individual under the age of 18 within a 5km radius of SCP-4334. These messages detail multiple characteristics of SCP-4334, both anomalous and otherwise, and appear to be attempts to garner interest in SCP-4334 within the recipient population. This behavior has continued even after the enactment of SCP-4334’s containment procedures. It is thus presumed that the entity behind SCP-4334-1 is unaware of Foundation interference.

描述: SCP-4334特指位于康涅狄格州奥克伍德州立公园内的、3.4 km2的森林。SCP-4334于2016年7月4日开始表现出多种异常性质和现象。下列内容为已被观测到的异常性质:

  • 在SCP-4334内约75%的树木表现出具有类似type-b型插座的木质生长物。这些生长物具备type-b型插座的功能,且可以释放出100到127伏特的电流。
  • SCP-4334整体发射出没有可辨别来源的WiFi信号。WiFi网络名为“NatureIsCool”且无需密码即可访问。
  • SCP-4334内可以于夜晚听到无可辨别来源的音乐。这种音乐主要由时下流行的歌曲组成,且具有被严重放大的低音线。
  • SCP-4334内全年都可发现萤火虫,但萤火虫通常需要超过15°C的温度来保持活跃状态。每当在SCP-4334内播放音乐时,无论是人工播放还是通过SCP-4334先前所述的特性出现的音乐,这些萤火虫都会在树枝上形成大型集群,并随着音乐的节拍同步发出生物荧光。


Addendum 4334.1: Discovery

SCP-4334 was discovered on 04/10/2016 by Foundation personnel planted within the National Park Service. In the months following the enactment of containment procedures, several adolescent civilians attempted to enter SCP-4334. Upon questioning, each individual displayed partial knowledge of SCP-4334’s anomalous properties, and cited emails they had received as the source of the information. This lead to the discovery of SCP-4334-1. All civilians were treated with Class-A amnestics and released.



Addendum 4334.2: Notable SCP-4334-1 Transcripts

The following is a partial list of emails sent by SCP-4334-1. Please see Supplemental Document 4334-A for a full list of all archived emails.

Date: 04/07/2016
Information of Note: First known email sent by SCP-4334-1. Message was sent at the same time that SCP-4334’s first anomalous properties formed.

Hey Kids! Looking for a hip new crib for you and your squad? Why don’t you come on down to Oakwood State Park! This isn’t your average everyday forest, this forest is with the times! There are new state-of-the-art all natural power outlets, so your phone will never die (and neither will the fun). Not to mention free Wifi! So what are you waiting for? The forest of the future is here! #Natureiscool

附录4334.2:值得注意的SCP-4334-1 抄录





Date: 03/16/2017
Information of Note: Email was sent following the discovery of music and anomalous firefly behavior within SCP-4334.

What’s good in the hood my dudes! Oakwood State park just underwent a major revamp. That’s right, all the hottest new tunes are now here every night for you to get jiggy with! Not only that, the fireflies will join in too, making every night in the woods into an epic rave! This forest is more lit than any club scene around, so what are you waiting for???? Come on down to Oakwood State Park, and get turnt! #lit #epic #natureiscool



兄弟们最近过得如何啊!奥克伍德州立公园刚刚进行了一次重大改造。没错,所有最热门的新曲子现在每晚都在这里,让你尽情享受!不仅如此,萤火虫也会加入进来,让森林中的每一个夜晚都变成史诗般的狂欢!这片森林比附近任何一个俱乐部的场面都要亮堂,你还在等什么????到奥克伍德州立公园来,嗨起来!#lit #epic #natureiscool

Date: 08/21/2018
Information of Note: Most recent email sent by SCP-4334-1.

You know what? Fuck all of you. You kids are everything that’s wrong with the world today. Children like you used to play in me all the time, wading around in creeks, climbing trees, wholesome forest stuff. But noooooo, your generation is too good for that. Everything’s gotta be all flashy and digital, and I’ve gotta bust my ass to try to be “hip”. Did you know that fireflies usually only come out in the summer? Do you know how hard it was to get mine to stick around all year? And even after all the effort I’ve put in you still won’t even show up. Well screw it, I quit. Enjoy your vapes or whatever the fuck you’re all into nowadays. I’m done.




UPDATE: Following 08/21/2018, SCP-4334-1 has ceased activity. Furthermore, exploration of SCP-4334 following this date has revealed no evidence of continuing anomalous phenomena. Proposals to reclassify SCP-4334 as neutralized are currently pending review.


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