Partial areil view of SCP-3157 (between the Tower Lane and Devil's Land sectors) taken prior to Event-3157-A.

Item #: SCP-3157
项目编号: SCP-3157

Object Class: Euclid
项目等级: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3157 is to be kept fenced off and guarded by at least nine security officers at any one time, with at least one officer in each sector of the park. Entry to SCP-3157 requires at least Level-2 clearance and direct permission from a staff member of Level-4 clearance or above. Any individuals entering SCP-3157 must be kept under external video observation at all times.
**特殊收容措施: ** SCP-3157应被隔离;其于任一时刻应被至少九名安保人员看守,且公园内各分区应具有至少一名安保人员。进入SCP-3157需要至少二级权限与一名四级及以上人员的许可。任何进入SCP-3157的个体必须随时暴露于外部监控摄像之下。

Any members of staff attempting to enter SCP-3157 without authorisation are to be dismissed immediately.

Any other individuals found trespassing SCP-3157 are to be detained for a period of 24 hours, after which they must either be released or have further action taken against them based on their actions and/or behaviours on-site. If further action is deemed necessary, it must be authorised by SCP-3157's site director before it can be put into effect.

Standard media blackout operations are to be put into effect should any form of media outlet release information regarding SCP-3157 and/or Events-3157-A and B.

Description: SCP-3157 is the former Holmeswood Towers Amusement Park resort following the anomalous events 3157-A and 3157-B (the disappearance and reappearance of the entire resort, respectively). The site measures approximately 3.7 km² and is located in Staffordshire, England.
**描述: ** SCP-3157为从前的“霍姆斯伍德堡”度假娱乐公园,异常事件3157-A及3157-B曾发生于此: 该地点曾一度整个凭空消失,又于一不同时间点重新出现。该场所坐落于英国的Staffordshire,占地约3.7平方千米。


Map of SCP-3157's sectors.
Each is to be guarded by at least one security officer at any one time.

The park itself is divided into nine seperate sectors, each with a specific theme which rides, buildings and pathways are decorated to match. Each sector holds one of the park's nine major roller coasters, excluding the entrance sector, which holds none, and the Devil's Land sector, which holds two. A system of footpaths link all the park's sectors, although a monorail and cable car system also operated across several sectors.
公园本身被划为九个分区,每个分区都具有一个特定的主题; 分区内设施,例如摩天轮、建筑及道路,被装饰以符合该主题。每个分区皆持有公园内主要的九个云霄飞车中的一个,除了两个例外: 入口所在的分区中没有云霄飞车,而“恶魔之地”分区中存在两个。公园中的所有分区被一系列的步道链接了起来; 与此同时,一个单轨电车以及一个缆车系统亦于几个分区之间运行。

At 10:32 AM on 16/05/16, SCP-3157 and all individuals on-site disappeared, an occurrence since designated Event-3157-A. At the time of disappearance, witnesses say that an auditory shock wave, similar to a thunderclap, oscillated towards the centre of the park across an estimated radius of 1.93km, presumably the result of rushing air particles filling the vaccum temporarily formed by SCP-3157's sudden disappearance.
SCP-3157及其上所有个体一度消失于2016年5月16日上午10时32分,该事件被记录为事故-3157-A。在消失事件发生时,目击者汇报曾听见一股“如雷震般”的震波向公园的中心聚拢,震波的覆盖半径约为1.93千米; 据推测,空气分子瞬间注入SCP-3157消失所临时形成的真空为该震波的主要形成原因。

Following the event, a crater was left in SCP-3157's place, with all cables, water pipes and phone lines left exposed, seemingly severed.

No anomalous features were found on the site following Event-3157-A. After the Foundation began investigations, the site was fenced off. The remaining cables, pipes, etc, were removed.

Following the event, standard media blackout operations were put into effect, though due to Event-3157-A's scale, over 20 different national media outlets had already reported the event. This, paired with the significant effects of Event-3157-A (including the disappearance of an accounted 29,871 people), has resulted in many individuals in the U.K. and some beyond still having knowledge of SCP-3157, despite Foundation efforts. At the time of writing, it is unknown exactly how many individuals have knowledge of SCP-3157 and Event-3157-A, though it is estimated to be around at least 300,000 nationwide.

At 3:40 PM on 07/05/17, SCP-3157 returned to its original position, an occurrence designated as Event-3157-B. Again, an auditory shockwave was reported by Foundation personnel on site at the time, however this wave was observed to have radiated from the centre of the park as oppose to towards it. Similarly, this shockwave oscillated across an estimated radius of 1.90km.
No survivors, bodies, or anomalous properties were discovered in the newly recovered SCP-3157, except a notebook and pen found on a platform next to the park’s "PURGATORY" roller-coaster, located in the 'Devil's Land' sector of the park.

The notebook, labelled as SCP-3157-1, and pen are pieces of park merchandise. Material found in the notebook is believed to be a suicide note written by the last remaining survivor of Event-3157-A, who remains unidentified. The note seems to suggest that survivors were trapped on the site following Event-3157-A, and lived there for several months, presumably the time between Events-3157-A and B. Despitethis, no evidence of survivors living on the site has ever been found.

Again, standard media blackouts were put into effect. However, due to the Foundation's now established control over SCP-3157, fewer outlets were able to report the event, thus less people are assumed to have knowledge of Event-3157-B, although the site is located only 0.8km from a main road, so can be easily observed by members of the public.

No further anomalous events have occurred in or around SCP-3157 since.


Transcript of material found in SCP-3157-1.

I’m writing this because everyone else is dead. Everyallofthem. I thought I couldn’t lose anyone else.
Gone. All gone. Stuck here never leaving. trapped chocking suffocating. murder
We told ourselves someone would rescue us. No one did. No one. we just needed the lie. Especially the kids. They didn't mind too much with all the rides to themselves and all the ice cream they could want from the reset. Unlimited ice cream. It always came back after every day. All the food in everywhere. And the rides worked without anyone running them. The kidsdren loved it. They had fun. fun happy happy happeerman. We bster
But [REDACTED] killed himself. Jumped off the mansion. Killed. Dead. He'd had problems with suicide before, and I guess this place just brought it all back. understandcastleble.
Thekids that saw couldn't stop crying. He was so broken brokn. Their parents just put htem on the rides.
Soon aftrr, the reset stopped. We starved. We tried finding berries in the trees but they could only last so long. After about three months people started eating each other. Trying to rip into flesh with teeth teeht blood blood killed eat eat ate aeten eat
Then oneday the rieds they didnt stop and they kept going and going and going and the kids were dead all dead blood somuch bllood blod red. The rides killedthem all. Everyone was crying crying criing. The rest were all dead soon as well all dead liek them al ded. some jumped some went on the rides just like thekids dead.
Everyone is gone now. I jusrt want it totsop Just want end end enendd end dnend ned n e den d
He did this. He rman did this. Holmeswood

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