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Item #: SCP-2912

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-2912-1, SCP-2912-2, and SCP-2912-3 are to remain preserved within individual cryogenic storage units at Biological Containment Site-66.

Description: SCP-2912 designates three roughly humanoid organisms resembling typical circus clowns: SCP-2912-1, SCP-2912-2, and SCP-2912-3. Genetically close to human (all instances sharing a relatively recent common ancestor in Homo sapiens sapiens), SCP-2912 entities have/had undergone severe and varied corporeal and psychological augmentation(s). All contained instances of SCP-2912 were abruptly neutralized on 11/16/1998 - the incident determined to be entirely accidental with blame placed on PoI-4569's failure to communicate relevant information to Foundation personnel.

SCP-2912-1 Overview:

  • An almost entirely spherical body.
  • A complete lack of a skeletal system.
  • While its legs, arms, and head did exist, they were found to be vestigial and heavily atrophied.
  • Closely resembling an air-filled balloon, SCP-2912-1 was able to transport itself through the air via an internal gas bladder (created from the left lung, so grossly enlarged that it occupied the majority of internal space) and modified anal sphincter.
  • Black and white skin, forming horizontal stripes around its body.
  • Capable of extending a long black tongue - the act producing a vocalization similar to the sound produced by "party horns"3.
  • Although its level of intelligence could not be ascertained, it was at least capable of understanding several English words (mostly in the form of commands).

SCP-2912-2 Overview:

  • An unusually tall (2.56 meters) and spindly (with the exception of its left hand and abdomen, which both appear bloated) humanoid organism
  • Capable of producing music from its asymmetrical and disjointed body.
  • Vertebra are comparatively large and oddly shaped, producing sound similar to a xylophone in use (with 'songs' appearing to differ in correlation with the present angle of SCP-2912-2's spine). How it was able to create these sounds without directly striking individual vertebrae was never deduced.
  • The left hand was large and flat and used to strike its bloated abdomen - the resulting sound similar to those produced by bass drums.
  • Its face lacked eyes, had a bulbous red nose, (capable of honking despite being entirely organic) and was primarily dominated by a large mouth (devoid of lips).
  • Yellow skin covered in red 'polka dots'.
  • Vocalizations failed to correspond with any known musical instrument but has been described by Foundation musicologists as resembling an accordion crossed with an ondes Martenot.4
  • Potentially higher intelligence than other SCP-2912 entities, as it was able to compose unique music when commanded to do so.
  • Music produced by SCP-2912-2 triggered strong emotional responses among listeners - it remains unknown whether this reaction was anomalous or simply an explainable psychological response.

SCP-2912-3 Overview:

  • Resembled a biological human more closely than SCP-2912-1 or SCP-2912-2. The appearance of face-paint is part of its natural appearance.
  • Laughter was apparently its only form of vocalization. This noise represented a cognitohazard and triggered uncontrollable laughter among its listeners, lasting for 6 to 32 hours.
  • An ability to create cream pies seemingly out of thin air. It is speculated that nearby matter was transmuted and teleported to SCP-2912-3 in the form of cream pies.

These anomalies were discovered on 10/05/1998 after a raid on a fair ground that had hosted Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting only minutes before the arrival of Foundation operatives. One small tent was left behind, the others having vanished as operatives approached. Inside were SCP-2912-1, SCP-2912-2, SCP-2912-3, and PoI-4569.

On 11/16/1998, all SCP-2912 entities self-terminated between 0400 and 0600. Video revealed no changes in behavior prior to the neutralization event, when SCP-2912 instances abruptly exploded - their containment units coated in blood, viscera, confetti, and a viscous black liquid of uncertain purpose. When confronted about this incident, PoI-4569 stated (verbatim): "You fucking shit-eaters forgot to milk the clowns, didn't you? Way to ruin a decade of work, you cunts."

Addendum: An incident occurred on 12/25/1998, when video surveillance within PoI-4569's cell showed the door opening (while external video depicted the door as closed and no alarm was triggered). During this time, the faint sound of calliope music became audible within the cell and PoI-4569 proceeds to converse with an unidentified individual:

Unidentified Individual: [voice is notably deep and atonal but words are muffled and inaudible]

PoI-4569: 'Bout time you got here! Is that a smile or a frown? I can never tell with you.

Unidentified Individual: [inaudible]

PoI-4569: A liability? Come on, I'm the best fucking clown breeder ya got and Mr. Fuller knows it.

The unidentified individual then briefly entered the cell - they appear muscular but further details are obscured by a cloud of what appears to be smoke, which permeates the cell via the anomalous doorway. PoI-4569 cried for help but security personnel were unable to reach him in time. An autopsy revealed that his cause of death was acute myocardial infarction (more commonly known as a heart attack).

标签: scp safe neutralized herman-fuller 生物性 人形生物 表演 感知力
biological herman-fuller humanoid neutralized performance safe scp sentient

翻译:标题:Clowny Clown Clown

  • 小丑小丑小~(妮可并感)(这咋翻啊)
  • 滑稽的小丑们

还有:Child breakers the Laughing Man, Turtle Boy, hell, the Inside-Out Girl(这些暂时机翻)


项目等级:Safe Neutralized



描述:SCP-2912指的是三个类似于典型马戏团小丑的人形生物:SCP-2912-1,SCP-2912-2和SCP-2912-3。 SCP-2912实体在遗传基因上与人类接近(所有实例共享一个相对较近的智人的共同祖先),SCP-2912接受过高强度且多方面的肉体上与心理上增强。所有收容的SCP-2912个体在1998年11月16日突然被无效化。因为PoI-4569没有向基金会人员汇报相关信息,事件被认定为是纯粹的事故。


  • 身体几乎是完全的球形。
  • 缺乏骨骼系统。
  • 虽然它确实拥有腿部,手臂和头部,但它们都是发育不全的并且严重萎缩。
  • SCP-2912-1能够通过一个内部气囊(气囊由左肺充当,可急剧膨胀,占据了大部分内部空间)和改良的肛门括约肌在空气中移动。
  • 皮肤黑白相间,在身体周围成横条纹排布。
  • 能够伸出很长的黑色舌头 - 并产生类似于“派对吹龙”的声音8
  • 尽管其智力水平无法确定,但至少有能力理解有限几个英语单词(主要是以命令的形式)。


  • 为异常高(2.56米)且(除了左手和腹部显得臃肿)各部位细长的人形生物
  • 身体不对称和脱节,能够产生类似音乐的声音。
  • 椎骨相对较大且形状奇特,产生的声音类似于木琴(“歌曲”似乎与SCP-2912-2脊柱的当前角度有关)。至今未知其如何在不直接撞击单个椎骨的情况下产生这些声音。
  • 左手大而扁平,可用来击打臃肿的腹部,产生的声音与低音鼓类似。
  • 它的脸缺少眼睛,有一个球状的红色鼻子,(虽然完全是有机的,但能够挤压发出声音),除此外脸上的主要器官只有一张大嘴(没有嘴唇)。
  • 黄色皮肤,上面覆着红色的“波尔卡圆点”。
  • 发声无法与任何已知的乐器相对应,但基金会音乐学家已将此声音描述为类似于手风琴与马特诺音波琴交叉发出的声音9
  • 可能比其他SCP-2912实体具有更高的智能,因为它可以听从指令原创音乐。
  • SCP-2912-2产生的音乐引发了听众强烈的情绪反应,这种反应是异常现象还是仅仅是一种可解释的心理反应仍然未知。


  • 比SCP-2912-1或是SCP-2912-2更接近人类。面部的化妆是其自然外观的一部分。
  • 笑声是唯一的发声形式。这种声音表现出了认知危害,能在其听众中引发了无法控制的笑声,可持续6到32 个小时。
  • 能够创造奶油馅饼,制作馅饼的材料似乎凭空而来。据推测,SCP-2912-3可能将附近的物质传送至己处转化并以奶油馅饼的形式重组制造出来。
  • [数据删除]



1998年11月16日,所有SCP-2912实体在04:00和06:00之间自行终止。视频记录显示在无效化事件发生前其没有任何异常行为,当SCP-2912突然爆炸时 - 它们的收容单间内溅满血液,内脏,五彩纸屑,以及无法鉴别的粘稠黑色液体。当得知这一事件时,PoI-4569声明(逐字):“你们他妈忘了给小丑挤奶,对吗?该死真有你们的,我十年的工作全完了!你们这群混蛋!”






随后,这名身份不明者进入单间 , 他看起来肌肉健硕,但整体被一团看似烟雾的云遮掩以致无法获知更多细节,烟雾以一种未知的方式渗入单间内。 PoI-4569大声求救,但安保人员未能及时到达他所处位置。之后 PoI-4569被发现死亡,尸检证实他的死因为急性心肌梗死(通常称为心脏病发作致死)。


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