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别称 - SCP-3582, KTE-4127-Parallax-Bosch, 2018-027
总结 -宇宙中的高尔夫-α-塞拉利昂-64和
重叠或被复制的几何形状区域出现变化, 且牵涉到其他现实发生改变。
存在的威胁: 威胁等级为最高级别。 威胁表现为现实扭曲:
1) 重叠/被复制的几何形状或区域
2) 以不正确的接触运行将会导致被送
3) 多元宇宙的异常或无法正常做出反应
计划 - 研究如何有效避免人类进入造成的完全改变。
- 在两个宇宙之间建立起新的边界
- 将两个宇宙反向分离
- 撤离到其他分离的未碰撞的宇宙
数据更新: 新的数据表明月球的质量已经增加了一倍,导致的后果目前预计为
- 星座和主要恒星形态发生了巨大变化。
- 夜空变化的过于明亮,以至于无法观察。
-全球死亡率 以及
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项目编号#: SCP-3582

项目等级: Euclid

特殊收容措施:已围绕着受 SCP-3582 影响的地区建立Area-3582,并且以军事试验基地的名义进行掩盖。以此保证在 Area-3582周围3公里内没有平民居住。应在SCP-3582周边以30米为间隔放置达250个斯克兰顿现实稳定锚。在任何情况下D级人员都被禁止进入SCP-3582。任何受SCP-3582 影响的基础设备或人员将被视为丢失。

描述: : SCP-3582是一个空间现象, 位于佐治亚州米切尔县,包含大约36平方公里的圆形面积。受影响的地区, 以及其中的所有建筑物、物体和动物,都受到随机和零星的现实重构。


  • 形转换为不规则的, 不自然的, 通常表现为非欧几何。
  • spontaneous manifestation of individual non-anomalous objects and animals. It is of note that the point of manifestation is not affected by pre-existing geometry; this can result in the intersection and displacement of solid matter.
  • spontaneous replacement of individual objects and animals with non-anomalous analogs of the same variety.

Hume readings of SCP-3582’s area of effect are wildly inconsistent; Hume levels range from the baseline of 1 to 7 13 34 72. At the current rate of exponentiation, it is estimated that Scranton Reality Anchors will become ineffective in mitigating the effects of SCP-3582 by 6/22/2024. Keter reclassification is under consideration.

Addendum 3582.1: Timeline of notable events

The following is a list of several notable anomalous events within SCP-3582 taking place between its discovery and 3/15/2023.

Event Date Event Description
1/27/2021 Initial discovery of SCP-3582, following reports of unusual activity in the area. Initial containment procedures enacted.
2/10/2021 Anomalous shifting of approximately 3 square kilometres within SCP-3582 to erratic and jagged terrain; mild damage to equipment within the area sustained. First major effects of SCP-3582 observed by Foundation personnel.
11/23/2021 Spontaneous manifestation of 12 large ash trees during routine scouting, causing the deaths of 2 D-class personnel who were encased within a tree on its manifestation.
4/10/2022 Manifestation of 3 female cows; one appeared almost completely underground and subsequently died of blood loss due to its body being displaced by surrounding dirt, one died after falling from approximately 15 meters above ground, and one was unharmed. All specimens were tested and found to be completely non-anomalous.
10/19/2022 One D-class personnel inspecting the manifestation of a Ford brand pickup truck was spontaneously replaced by a man in his mid-forties wearing dirty farm clothes. The subject panicked and became violent upon coming into contact with Area-3582 staff and was subsequently terminated. This is the first observed occurrence of SCP-3582 directly affecting a human.
1/12/2023 Following a momentary loss of power to on-site SRAs3, approximately 200 tons of clay and dirt manifested within a section of Area-3582, resulting in the deaths of 18 Foundation personnel. SCP-3582 exclusion zone was expanded and containment procedures were revised.

Update 8/16/2023: Based on recent events, the above documentation has been rendered outdated. Please proceed to SCP-3582 file iteration 2.

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