Sakuya Fortuna2

SCP-3042 in containment

编号 #: SCP-3042

收容等级: Euclid


SCP-3042和SCP-3042-1被共同收容于生物实验区45的小型单元内。收容室内包括一条导向实验区45特别联络处的安全通讯线路和一间 标准化 定制的由数据密钥激活的原子化处决室。收容室将被半径为15m,高为5m的加固通电围栏,以及全覆盖的顶棚包围 (详见报告3042-CB-3)。 围栏包括一个气闸式闸门,用于安全地运送物资,清除垃圾和引入人员。

围栏外应始终有三(3)名全地形快速反应安全专员巡逻。 在极少数情况下,SCP-3042和SCP-3042-1会在收容室外被分开,此时快速反应专员应能方便地将SCP-3042-1送至SCP-3042处。实验时,将由五(5)名以上的临时特种运输小组成员将受试者运送至实验地点。



SCP-3042是一只杂色毛皮的小狗; 主要为白色,带有灰色与棕色。基因组唾液测试显示其DNA与某种未记录的中华田园犬一致. SCP-3042与一只4-5岁的哈瓦那犬类似,重5千克,高约25厘米。SCP-3042的身体状况近乎处于最高值,没有现在或曾经受伤及患病的明显迹象。自收容以来SCP-3042从未进入睡眠,食用食物或水,产生尿液或粪便。目前,由于SCP-3042的异常性质,进一步的医学检查已被证明是不可能的。

Exhibiting behavior likened to an extreme and obsessive form of psychological imprinting, SCP-3042 perpetually exhibits belligerently affectionate behavior toward SCP-3042-1. SCP-3042 will continuously jump on, lick, play bite, paw at, and playfully bark at SCP-3042-1 even when abused or severely rejected. Thus far no stimulus tested has distracted SCP-3042 from its focus on SCP-3042-1. No individual designated SCP-3042-1 has ever been severely injured by SCP-3042 despite its extreme destructive capabilities. Occasional reports of welts, scratches, and skin ulcers due to wear from long-term continuous licking by SCP-3042 are to be considered normal and non-emergent.

Individuals designated SCP-3042-1 have reported physical and psychological symptoms during their containment including but not limited to: body aches, burning eyes, chronic fatigue, irritability, headaches, confusion, memory lapses, delusions, and seizures. Project medical lead Dr. A. Eastmore believes these symptoms to be non-anomalous, resulting from sleep deprivation and chronic stress due to the constant attention of SCP-3042.

Should SCP-3042 and SCP-3042-1 become separated, SCP-3042 will immediately make its way back to SCP-3042-1 via the most direct route. When motivated to this end, SCP-3042 has shown the capability to destroy even the strongest materials and move at extreme speed (see Test Log 3042-A). SCP-3042 also displays an astounding resistance to physical damage, poison, disease, and deprivation. Research has yet to discover any conventional means of injuring SCP-3042. (see Test Log 3042-B).

When SCP-3042-1 is terminated or expires, SCP-3042 will immediately move directly toward the next SCP-3042-1. This has thus far always been a person with a measure of responsibility in the expiration of the previous SCP-3042-1. Current containment procedures are designed to create an unbroken chain of direct responsibility for terminations, containing SCP-3042 while also preventing casualty and damage among Foundation and civilian populations. Research into how SCP-3042 reacts to SCP-3042-1 expiring by way of suicide or misadventure on hold indefinitely, as no acceptably safe methodology by which to test these reactions has been developed. (See Incident Report 3042-CB-2)

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