During domestication testing as outlined in [DATA EXPUNGED], the assigned D-class personnel tripped and fell, partly pulling out a specimen attached to an industrial high-voltage socket. The specimen broke containment and attacked the D-class with a brief, high-voltage arc, inducing immediate cardiac arrest. Exhibiting behavior atypical of specimens collected thus far, SCP-612 shed its plastic plug and lunged at D-43174, embedding the bare copper in his throat. The electrical current caused the corpse to seize 23 distinct times, starting at the point of impact and spreading towards the extremities in a fashion distinct from regular electrocution. The spasms continued for three minutes, after which time the victim remained motionless for a further ten minutes. Agents █████ and █████ were ordered to recover the body and prepare it for autopsy.
During preparations for autopsy, the coroner noted that the victim's heart was still beating. Upon remandment to the ICU, it was discovered that the heartbeat was erratic, not indicative of life. Additionally, brain function had ceased, replaced with electrical discharges currently theorized to be [DATA EXPUNGED] Recommend continuing observation.
Sometime over the previous night, the body of D-43174 (henceforth reclassified as SCP-612-01) began extruding fibrous, ropy tissue from its extremities, most notably from its nailbeds. Visual analysis of this tissue suggests it is primarily [DATA EXPUNGED]. These tissues piled around SCP-612-01's feet until the pile reached [DATA EXPUNGED], suggesting that all tissue had been expelled from the body. SCP-612-01 began to shudder violently, then collapsed as its spinal cord pulled itself out of its body. Shortly thereafter, SCP-612-01 began to [DATA EXPUNGED], whereupon the test chamber was remotely incinerated. Recommend all personnel wear conductive mesh suits to be designated "Faraday Suits" when interacting with SCP-612.

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