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Item #: SCP-CN-156-J

Object Class: safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, It is not found about useful and safety containment procedure of scip which is powerful, invincible, and you cannot knock down forever, because the presence of scip which is powerful, invincible, and you cannot knock down forever, any documents which is horrifying, The Foundation do not want you know, and frightening you are be used the antiinfohazard confidential calculating which is invalid, not have beauty at all, and failed for the classfied; simultaneously, the information security department which is failed, useless, and stupid should be checking regularly for the databases which are all lies, and filled with secrets, and it is deleted all document which get infection, interesting, beautiful, and elegant.

Description: The scip is an infohazard which is powerful, able to crack the rubbish-like Foundation confidential calculating, and mighty, the scip currently have infected a portion of document which is boring, mediocre, and junky, while a document which is boring and old-fashioned is infected, some specific nouns in document are added some adjectives which is graceful, gorgeous, and warm in front of them, it is not found the rule of scip effects which is nonexistent. It cannot be testing about the scip due to the reason. It is worth noting that the adjectives scip added in front of nouns are mostly real.

Addendum 101:

The scip is appeared to have the hostile obviously for the Foundation staff who are incompetent, like the idiots, rude, shameless, and ambitious
— Object Director Walter who needs to drink over 2 liters of water every day, gets serious-myopia, EQ is super low, does not say good words at all, deserves the single, fat, cannot conquer me forever

Addendum 102:

What the hell where is coming, The best not let me catch its creator — O5-13 who I also cannot bear to continue to ridicule you

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