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Item #: SCP-3274 Wrong Vase

Object Class: SafeEnclid.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3274 can been placed on a 0.6m x 0.6m plate with a glass doom above.Every stuff higher than class C can wrote and talk about it.(old,cannot be delete.)
Special Containment Procedures:(new)SCP-3274 must be placed in an 0.3m x 0.3m x 0.4m black metal box filled with black feathers.Class A suffer can write and talk about it with Level 3 agreement.Looking at SCP-3274-A and SCP-3274-B.

Description:Scp-3274 is a common aqualy Vase. High about 0.45m and diameter adobe 0.2m.There is nothing inside vase.When anybodies are talking about it will had at least one spelling fault. These speechs will bacame to 'Scp-3274-1'. Look of 'Scp-3274-1'.

Addendum: We found Scp-3274 at ███ university in ██/██/███9. Our spy ████ in those university find it in a art class.Teacher are talking about how Scp-3274 look like at that tame.But he has make much mistakes on spells. For the truth, the teachs has got a certificate in literature.And when any bodily else spelling it also got much spelling mistakes. We spy controled the class.And give the 36 students in class B level memory destroy.


​> SCP-3274-1 is a speech create by anyone talking or writing about Scp-none. It will carry at least one spelling fault and it cannot appear with some symbols(such as @,()*), or some words(such as or or word longer than 15 letters)and the fault there must be using wrong words or wrong transfromation.

If someone wanna fix or delete Scp-none-1 in any way, first time the tools they use will be broken by data glitch or burns up.Second time, the writer will get a short time of stunning.Third time, The writer will became to Scp-3274-2.


SCP-3274-2 is the person who fix or delete SCP-3274-1 three times. If they fix or delete SCP-3274-1 again, Their brain will lost their abilities and finally dead by oxygenless.

SCP-3274-2 will back to normal after 1 month to [Data deleted] years. After that, they will as same as normal human.


Test target: A common class D stuff.

Tester: Dr.███

Test about: To fix SCP-3274-1's spelling fault.

Test result: Lost a phone, and a class D stuff.

Test SCP-3274-1: SCP-3274 are aqua vase.

Test record:
First time, the phone suddenly burns up in seconds.
Second time, stuff fall into sleep in seconds.
Third time, nothings happened. But when we ask for his feeling, he confussed.
Fourth time, his brain stop working in a flash. We bring him to [Data deleted] for some more testing.

Test note: "Oops!These f*cking vase can kill guys. I said that my computer broke by it! It might not be 'Safe'!" Dr. ███

[Data deleted]

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