Dialogue test zone

*"Basic chatter, introduces file"
*"first hint that something is wrong (expand this)" (physical?)
*"second hint that something is wrong (expand this)" (physical.)
*"climax" (emotional, not physical)

Build up of dread.

Yuri Lipski, a 22-year-old Russian-Israeli diving instructor, died at a depth of 115 metres underwater after falling into an uncontrolled descent, notably filming his own death with his video camera, making it the most famous death at the Blue Hole dive site. The video footage shows him rapidly plunging deeper and deeper, in an involuntary and uncontrolled descent to 115 metres. Eventually he lands on the sea floor, taking off his breathing equipment and trying to fill his buoyancy aid with air, but he is unable to rise. At the depth to which he fell, the body is subject to nitrogen narcosis, which can impair judgment and induce overconfidence, euphoria, hallucinations and confusion. Lipski had just one tank full of air — technical divers are better served by multiple tanks filled with trimix, a combination of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium that reduces narcosis.

Collaborative adaptation of [[user:Resazurin]]'s SCP to an international audience, basically rewriting everything and leaving only the basic structure intact.

Dialogue test zone:

Exploration team this is Command,
How copy.

This is exploration team.
Solid copy Command.
We are beginning the descent.

Beginning the third expedition into SCP-CN-492, designated EXP-CN-492-003.
Good luck.

Current depth is 50m below sea level.
Requesting access to SCP-CN-492 file.

Copy. Granting access to SCP-CN-492 file.
One moment.

*SCP File*

Any questions?

No questions.
Current depth is 700m.
No anomalies detected.

Engage the SRA and Hume sensors.
We'll be on the lookout.

Devices engaged. Current Hume level reading is 0.98.
No anomalous lifeforms detected.

Exploration team we are picking up strong audio and sonar signatures.
Do you acknowledge?


(crew fight, insane crew killed)

Ah… fuck. There is still no end to this.

(remaining crew dresses up in his scuba gear and leaves the sub)

(hundreds of meters of sinking with no text, fish kaiju eats sub, implications of deep sea giant, video feed ends)

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